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Zombification is a reoccurring disease from the Adventure Time series. It is first introduced in the episode, "Slumber Party Panic." After Princess Bubblegum's Decorpsinator serum failed, she accidentally transformed the dead into living zombies. The Candy People and other characters were locked in the castle while Finn and Princess Bubblegum tried to figure out a solution. After Finn helped solve Princess Bubblegum's equation, she perfected the serum, and the undead zombie citizens because regular living people again.

The disease again appears in the episode, "From Bad to Worse." When Princess Bubblegum was experimenting on some zombie flesh, Cinnamon Bun ate the flesh and became a zombie. This time, the disease spread to many different candy people, the entire Candy Kingdom became infected. Because the Princess became infected, Finn, Jake, Lumpy Space Princess tried to help make the cure. Unfortunately, this only mutated they Zombies, giving them red lips, wings, and muscles. It came to the point where Finn was the only one whom wasn't infected. He figured out that when Princess bubblegum said that "Science" was the cure, she meant her lab rat named Science. The rat made the cure and Finn jumped into a crowd of zombies, returning them back to normal.

Zombies appear to have decaying skin, visible veins, and green glowing eyes. Ones that were brought back to life appear to have decomposed aspects, suck as pieces of their bodies missing. Zombies from "From Bad To Worse" appear to have large red lips, wings, and muscles, due to the accidental mutations caused from trying to find a cure.

Known Infected[]


  • Oozers are similar to Zombies, but they are not the same thing.
  • This is the first known reoccurring disease in the Adventure Time series.
  • It was said that if the candy people knew about the zombies, they would explode.


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