Zap the Arm is the one of the freaks who appears in the episode "Freak City." He is one of the body parts that make up Super Freak. He is an arm in freak form, so he is naturally Super Freak's arm. Like the other members of Super Freak (except Finn and Jake), he ultimately decides to stay together instead of returning to his old life because he is more powerful as part of the group.


Zap is a fire elemental humanoid, as his entire body is light red except for his face, which is a tan yellow color. He has "fiery" hair. Around his neck and waist are clouds of what looks like smoke.

In "Freak" form, Zap looks just like Kim's "Freak" form, except Zap is longer and red. Kim is also a leg, but based purely on looks, the difference is small. His personality also varies from Kim's.


Eh... It's a living.

—"Freak City"

We're not afraid!

—"Freak City"

Yeah, we're strong together.

—"Freak City"


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