"You Made Me" is the twentieth episode in the fourth season of Adventure Time. It is the ninety-eighth episode overall.


Princess Bubblegum tries to find a way to help the Earl of Lemongrab after he begins to annoy her subjects with his eerie ways.


The episode begins with Finn hooked up to Princess Bubblegum's new Aura Visualizer machine, using it to look at Crunchy's aura. Finn tells Princess Bubblegum that he wants to see Peppermint Butler's aura next, which causes Peppermint to hastily tell them "Heh, heh... you don't want to see that." Jake complains that he is tired, so he and Finn start to leave. On their way out they see two Banana Guards in a room staring at some cameras. After making Finn and Jake promise to keep it their "weird secret", the guards hesitantly point out the screen which shows Lemongrab watching Chocoberry sleep. Soon a bunch of Candy People, including Princess Bubblegum, are in the security room watching Lemongrab. Princess Bubblegum finds Lemongrab to ask him what's wrong. Lemongrab complains that he is all alone in Castle Lemongrab, saying that he is the earl of nothing. Princess Bubblegum continues to ask questions, but instead of an answer Lemongrab climbs out of the window screaming, while ripping off his clothes.

The next day Princess Bubblegum, Finn, and Jake gather the Candy People together to find someone to live with Lemongrab. No one offers to go, until the Pup Gang appears and tell Princess Bubblegum that they will live with Lemongrab in exchange for money and amnesty for past crimes. Princess Bubblegum agrees to meet their demands, and soon after the Pup Gang go to Castle Lemongrab to meet their new ruler. The Pup Gang begin to annoy Lemongrab, and so he takes them to his "reconditioning chamber" where he electrocutes them as punishment. Three days later Lemongrab goes back to the Candy Kingdom and continues to spy on Candy People. Princess Bubblegum tries to calm him down and teach him the ways of being a good ruler by showing him how to pet and play with Candy People, which only causes Lemongrab to become irritated. He denounces Princess Bubblegum's ways, claiming that his ways must be right and then runs off.

Finn and Jake are ready go after him and "crush this mess," but Princess Bubblegum still wants to try and help Lemongrab. They all travel to Castle Lemongrab to find the Pup Gang and calm the Earl down. Finn and Jake find the Pup Gang in the electrocution room and try to help them get out. However, Lemongrab finds them, locks all of them in the room, and electrocutes Finn and Jake along with the gang. Princess Bubblegum enters and tries to help, but gets cornered instead. Lemongrab aims his sound sword at her and fires, but Finn crashes through the glass wall of the electrocution chamber and leaps in front of the blast, saving Bubblegum. Suddenly, a Lemongrab clone appears and Lemongrab is confused. Princess Bubblegum explains that she made him for Lemongrab to be with so that he will no longer be lonely. Lemongrab and the clone inspect each other and mirror each other's actions. They become friends and set Finn, Jake, and the Pup Gang free. The episode ends with the two Lemongrabs on their mounts saying goodbye to Princess Bubblegum, Finn, Jake, and the Pup Gang.


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  • Jake is shown to be able to move things through his body freely. Princess Bubblegum is apparently familiar with this ability and favors it as a means to mount him.
  • Finn's hat was destroyed in this episode.
  • The promo art depicts the scene that Jake mentions where the Pup Gang threw a basketball at his head.
  • Princess Bubblegum is not wearing her crown throughout the episode.
  • Lemongrab's skin is darker than his first appearance in "Too Young."
  • In the background of the Banana Guards' surveillance room, there is a wanted poster for someone with a long nose and bandages wrapped around his head.
  • Finn knows Chocoberry from "Slumber Party Panic," but in this episode he doesn't recognize her.
  • This is the first time Lemongrab's sword was unsheathed.
  • Lemongrab's sword is called his"Sound Sword".

Episode connections

  • Peppermint Butler's apprehension of showing his aura to Princess Bubblegum suggests he does not want to reveal his true nature to her, as revealed in episodes such as "Death in Bloom" and "Return to the Nightosphere."
  • The title card music of "Burning Low" plays when Jake lets Princess Bubblegum ride on him.
  • When Lemongrab was running away from Princess Bubblegum he said "You made me,you made me,you're my Glob,you're like Glob!". like in "No One can Hear You" Finn said that the Candy People must be in church worshiping Glob.

Cultural references
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  • The title card and the scene it depicts were strongly influenced by the story Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.
  • The lion form Jake has taken resembles Japanese donut-house mascot Pon de Lion.


  • When Lemongrab was using his Sound Sword for the first time, his shoes were missing, even though in the scene before he was seen wearing them.
  • When Lemongrab first talks to Princess Bubblegum and points at her, he has five fingers on each hand, and in the rest of the episode he had four.
  • In the same shot with the snail, Mr. Cupcake with an arm cast is shown for a split second on the monitor, despite the fact that he hadn't broken his arm yet. They seem to have since corrected that, as the picture is replaced with a hallway.

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