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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "You Forgot Your Floaties" from season 6, which aired on June 1, 2015.

This transcript is complete, but needs better editing.


Finn: Glob's helmet coming in fast!

Jake: Yo, I'm zoomed in too far. Making me sick.

[ Both shout ] 

Finn: See it?

Jake: [ Burps ] Sees it!

[ Wind whistling ]

Jake: Whoa, good thing it sprinkled this morning, right? This tall, wet grass feels good on my legs. 

Finn: Huh, what? Who's that? 

Jake: I don't know. It looks like we should've skipped brunch. Early bird got the worm, and then the worm was his brunch.

Finn: Our brunch was sick.

Jake: Right. Now we got the calorie fuel to jump this fool.

Finn: Oh, my truth, dude! Is that Betty? 

Jake: Betty's dead.

Finn: Disappeared doesn't always mean dead.

Jake: Eh, you're right. She looks alive.

Finn: Alive and off the grid, snatching up glob remnants. I got a weird feeling in my fat basket. Like, what does she want with glob's helmet, and why has she got new glasses on?

Jake: What do we want with glob's helmet?

Finn: Dude, we're scavengers.

Jake: Is that what we are? Okay, stealth mode.

[ Distorted gulp ]

[ Distorted gag ]

Finn: Oh, no, man!

Jake: Magic man's house! Likely, he's got Betty under a mind-control spell! 

Finn: Shoot, man, I don't want to deal with this guy.

Jake: He's a tough adversary, but if we hide in the trees, pinpoint his location, maybe you can sever his spine before he can do his magic on us.

Magic Man: Good plan!

Jake: Get the spine! Whoa!

Magic Man: [ Laughs ] Whoa! [ Laughs ] Babies!

Finn: Ohh! There goes!

Magic Man: Shh, shh! Peace. [ Sniffs, sighs ] Like a red, raw trash hatch. [ Laughs ] You're in luck! Come on! You get to rule over my house while I'm gone for the rest of forever right here on my shelf of special friends, margles and tiny manticore.

Tiny Manticore: You promised me I would rule!

Magic Man: How can a coward rule the roost? You escaped once and came right back. How sad is that, huh?

Tiny Manticore: You gave me some kind of hostage syndrome! I need therapy!

Magic Man: Well, Finn and Jake are heroes, so try being more like them, why don't you? Peace! [ Chuckles ]

Tiny Manticore: Finn and Jake?! What did you do?! You monster! [ Growls ] I would do something if I could! You hear me, magic man?! You hear me?! 

Betty: What's all that yelling?

Magic Man: Little guy's sad to see me go. 

Betty: Well, there it is -- what remains of your brother,Glob. 

Magic Man: [ Singing ] What remains? Tell me what remains, some loser smashed out your brains... [ Abruptly returns to speaking voice] End of song.

Betty: So, this thing's really gonna transmute you into the new glob?

Magic Man: Of course, and then I'm gonna make it rain on Mars in a bad way. Fire up those ovens, honey! This is exciting!

Betty: A little sad though, right?

Magic Man: Which part?

Betty: Your brother blowing up in space. Doesn't that mess you up?

Magic Man: Nothing messes me up.

Betty: I don't believe that. Like, who is margles, and why is there a picture of her on your shelf? Something there connects to who you are and your magic.

Magic Man: Someone shines a light into my dark-wizard matter, a way to unclose the circuit of Magic... Madness... and Sadness.

Betty: That's right. M.M.S. Runs through all magic users. I hung out with scores of them, all displaying varying degrees of magic... madness... and sadness. Studying these symptoms could lead me to their underlying cause, and then I'll control the forces that hold sway over Simon.

Magic Man: I see.

Betty: You see what?

Magic Man: The coconut crab who swims in your neighbor's pool at night. Maybe Simon's in there, too. Who else holds their breath in there, Betty?

Betty: All magic users swim in the loomy gloom.

[ Cut to upstairs on the shelf ]

Tiny Manticore: Finn and Jake, if you can hear me, listen! There's a lady downstairs. She thinks she can save her BF, Simon, by finding the source of magic, but she ain't gonna find Jack squat! Magic man's using her! He's gonna make her a talking skateboard or something stupid like that! I can't help because I'm psychologically powerless! But you are heroes, and I believe in you! I believe! You hear me?! Please!

[ Gasps ]

Go Jake or...Finn! Which ever! Save her! Wait! No! Oh, Glob, I'm sorry! I didn't plan this out!

Magic Man: Whew! Good pump! Fire's ablaze! Pump to failure -- that's what weightlifters say.

Betty: So, what happens now? We sweat it out in a magic-induced trance. My essence marinates Glob's helmet with its ancient human DNA code, which should cause it to act as a sorcerer's stone for your transmutation into the Globhead. 

Magic Man: Which should allow me to activate my ancient martian transport.

Betty: Is this gonna change you? 

Magic Man: Will it change you? And will you be hungry after? Why don't you finish baking your famous bread, huh?

[ Cut to upstairs on the shelf ]

Tiny Manticore: This is your last chance! The dirt should break your fall, then it's up to you 'cause I'm ​useless. Go! Yes! ​

[ Laughs ]

Do it!

[ Cut back downstairs ]

Betty: Bread's going... ​  In. ​

Magic Man: Hurry up, Betty. All the answers to your theories as our spirits meld. ​

Betty: Okay, be right there! It's gonna get sweaty?

Magic Man: The more skin mist, the ​better.

Betty: So, you're not afraid of what I might see in you? ​

Magic Man: No, dumb-dumb. You imagined the lock before the key. ​You think this is the key, but it's a waste basket. ​  Flumes open! ​

[ Hissing ]

Betty: We'll see.

Magic Man: Smooth and gray as far as you ​can see. No life grows in me. Nothing to weed. Nothing to seed. Pure and perfect. Like the marble floors of a bank. You slide with no obstacles, forever blank. ​

[ Wind whistles ]

Betty: Whoa. It really is like he said.​ Sort of cool, though.

The key. Whoa.

[ Soft rumbling ]


Bingo! Whoa!

[ Shouting indistinctly ] [ Gasps ]

85 00:06:39,233 --> 00:06:43,569  Margles? Open your eyes, margles.  Who's that?

86 00:06:43,571 --> 00:06:47,973  I'm magic man, and that's my sibling, glob.  [ Robotic voice ] Hi.

87 00:06:47,975 --> 00:06:52,645 Uh, could I talk to you a sec?  Okay. What's up?   That's ​ our new planetary

88 00:06:52,647 --> 00:06:57,149 defense system?  Yeah, margles.  Margles is your wife, dude.

89 00:06:57,151 --> 00:07:03,088  My wife was taken by golb.  [ Growls softly ]  This is like my tribute.

90 00:07:03,090 --> 00:07:07,660 I'm gonna install her right there on Olympus mons so she can protect us from golb.

91 00:07:07,662 --> 00:07:11,997  But you named her after your wife.  Yeah, but it stands for

92 00:07:11,999 --> 00:07:16,135 "magical automated resistance generating laser energy supplier."

93 00:07:16,137 --> 00:07:19,638  Come again?  Whatever. I wanted to call her margles.

94 00:07:19,640 --> 00:07:24,610  So, you used magic to make her, and you don't think your feelings for your lost wife

95 00:07:24,612 --> 00:07:29,081 might have compromised your spell programming?  No, that's crazy.

96 00:07:29,083 --> 00:07:33,452 Her appearance is just a  symbol ​  of margles. ​   Why do I feel like this is ​

97 00:07:33,454 --> 00:07:37,523  the worst idea ever? ​   What a great idea going on ​  this hike. ​

98 00:07:37,525 --> 00:07:43,529   Why didn't you magic us up? ​   Uh, I guess I wanted to know ​  more about you since I created ​

99 00:07:43,531 --> 00:07:49,301  you in a deep trance state. ​   All I am is in you, so know ​  yourself, magic man. ​

100 00:07:49,303 --> 00:07:53,706   Yeah, duh, okay. ​  To the top then! ​  Wa... ​

101 00:07:53,708 --> 00:07:58,110  Zaa! ​  Okay, then, ready to initiate ​  the install? ​

102 00:07:58,112 --> 00:08:01,380   Yes. ​   Wait, hold on. ​  You should come back down. ​

103 00:08:01,382 --> 00:08:06,051   I got to stop the second ​  coming of golb. ​   Uh, he's probably not coming ​

104 00:08:06,053 --> 00:08:09,388  back. ​  I wish he   would. ​  Maybe I would see   you ​ again --

105 00:08:09,390 --> 00:08:13,058 original you. I looked everywhere, you know.  So what?

106 00:08:13,060 --> 00:08:16,795  Every dimension, every dead world. I even wished you back in

107 00:08:16,797 --> 00:08:22,234 prismo's time room. [ Warbling ]  Balls, man, that has never

108 00:08:22,236 --> 00:08:27,573 happened before.  But you were gone, erased, only existing here...

109 00:08:27,575 --> 00:08:32,211 And  here. ​  For hundreds of years, I held ​  that sadness until my magic and ​

110 00:08:32,213 --> 00:08:37,750  science were strong enough to ​  create you from my nightmares. ​   Then let me do what you built ​

111 00:08:37,752 --> 00:08:41,587  me for. ​  [ Gasps ] ​   I take it back! ​

112 00:08:41,589 --> 00:08:46,425  Aah! ​  [ Rattling ] ​   Finn: [ Sighs ] ​

113 00:08:46,427 --> 00:08:50,562   [ Shouts ] ​   Don't activate, margles! ​  You came from   me,  so you got to​

114 00:08:50,564 --> 00:08:53,732 understand!  I came from... [ Distorted voice ] Your

115 00:08:53,734 --> 00:08:59,104 nightmares!  [ Screaming ] [ Electricity crackling ]

116 00:08:59,106 --> 00:09:03,342  Finn: [ Grunts ] [ Grunts ] [ Grunts ] Unh!

117 00:09:03,344 --> 00:09:07,713 [ Moaning ]  [ Gasps ]  [ Shouting indistinctly ]

118 00:09:07,715 --> 00:09:11,617 Ohh! Unh!  Finn: [ Shouting ]

119 00:09:11,619 --> 00:09:17,289  Unh!  [ Gasps ]  [ Moaning ]

120 00:09:17,291 --> 00:09:23,562 Oomph!  [ Grunts ] Wait, what's happening?!

121 00:09:23,564 --> 00:09:28,534 Aah!  Finn: [ Grunts ] [ Breathing heavily ]

122 00:09:28,536 --> 00:09:33,539 [ Hissing ]  [ Moans ] What the... Oh, look, the bread's alive.

123 00:09:33,541 --> 00:09:38,644 Betty, you see?!  I see a crab emerging from a dark pool.

124 00:09:38,646 --> 00:09:47,619  Oh, yeah? W-what does the crab say? [ Rumbling in distance ]

125 00:09:47,621 --> 00:09:54,593  Aaaaah! [ Cackling ] Laters!

126 00:09:54,595 --> 00:10:02,334  Whoa. My sadness is gone, and my -- ow!

127 00:10:02,336 --> 00:10:06,138 Hey!  Finn: Murm, muph, maph.  Do what?

128 00:10:06,140 --> 00:10:10,142  Finn: Murm, muph, maph.  Turn you back?  Finn: Meph!

129 00:10:10,144 --> 00:10:14,780  I can't. I think I'm just a normie now. Maybe someone in wizard city can

130 00:10:14,782 --> 00:10:17,182 help. Ow!  Finn: Maph, moh.

131 00:10:17,184 --> 00:10:18,851  Ow!

132 00:10:18,853 --> 00:10:27,192  Finn, is that you and Jake?  Finn: My, muh, mu, mimuh, mimuh.

133 00:10:27,194 --> 00:10:31,630  Fly you to wizard city? I can't!  Finn: Meh, moo, mam!

134 00:10:31,632 --> 00:10:38,537 Moo, mah, mu, uh!  [ Shouting ] Thank you, heroes!

135 00:10:38,539 --> 00:10:45,210 You helped me find my courage!  Finn: Mih, muh, mim, mo, muh. Normal Man: What do normies do? Get smoothies or something?