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"You Forgot Your Floaties" is the thirty-eighth episode in the sixth season of Adventure Time. It's the one hundred and ninety-fourth episode overall.[2]


Finn and Jake storm Magic Man's house to rescue his new apprentice.[3]


The episode opens with Finn and Jake searching for Glob's helmet, which is falling towards Ooo after the events in Astral Plane. They run toward the crash site and see a figure obscured in the smoke, already looking for the helmet. When the smoke clears, they see it is Betty taking the helmet. Wondering what is going on, they decide to follow her.

Betty enters Magic Man's house. Finn and Jake are discussing how to overthrow Magic Man, and presumably rescue Betty, when Magic Man appears and turns Jake into a bowl of soup and Finn into an egg (cracked, without the shell). Magic Man puts the transformed Finn and Jake on a shelf where they will 'rule' his house while he is gone 'forever.' On the shelf is also Tiny Manticore, who apparently came back after being rescued by Finn in Sons of Mars due to something akin to Stockholm Syndrome, as well as a photo of Margles.

Magic Man goes into his basement, where Betty is preparing a transmutation wherein the helmet will combine with Betty's sweat, then Magic Man can to turn into the ruler of Mars. They discuss what they are doing, and it is revealed that Betty has been doing research since her first appearance of various different magical entities and has found a common theme among them: Magic, Madness, and Sadness. This research has, of course, been done to find a way to save Simon (Ice King). Then Magic Man began to talk in riddles about Coconut Crabs and 'Loomy Gloom.'

Then, the scene cuts to Tiny Manticore who tells Finn and Jake that they need to help Betty from Magic Man, who is using her. We see Finn as a cracked egg squeezing through the boards of his shelf to descend to the basement. He falls into a bowl of flour.

Meanwhile, Betty explains the ritual they are about to undertake wherein her human DNA will transfer through her sweat to Glob's helmet, making it into a Sorcerer's Stone which will allow Magic Man to become ruler of Mars. Magic Man asks her to make some bread with the flour which contains Finn as an egg. She does so.

At the same time, Tiny Manticore pushes Jake downstairs, and his bowl and the photo of Margles falls. The bowl tips over and Jake is spilled out onto the floor. Betty sees the spill and the photo, and takes the photo with her for the transmutation. They begin the process, while Magic Man speaks in riddles.

Betty reappears in a stark area and finds that the photo she took is now a mask of Margles. She puts it on, then takes on the total appearance of Margles. She slides into a statue of Magic Man's face. She awakes where Magic Man is speaking with a helmetless Glob, discussing Magic Man's new defense system for Mars in the form of Margles. Glob doubts the effectiveness, but Magic Man insists saying that it's his 'tribute' since the real Margles was taken by GOLB.

Betty as Margles and Magic Man hike up to the summit of Olympus Mons. Before she can be 'installed,' Magic Man pours out his heart about how he tried to get Margles back, but failed. She then turns into a defense system, and Magic Man tries to stop the defense system realizing it was made from his nightmares.

Meanwhile, the bread that Betty baked has turned into a bread version of Finn (who rolls around in liquid Jake and gets him on his stomach and back) who breaks the tools used in the transmutation experiment. When all the smoke clears, Betty has Magic Man's powers and Magic Man has lost his powers. Betty sees a dark vision of a crab in a pool emerging as Simon, who mouths the words...

You Forgot Your Floaties


Betty then screams which turns into an evil laugh and uses her new magic powers to disappear. Magic Man says his sadness is gone, as Finn asks Magic Man to turn them back. He cannot as he lost his powers, causing Finn to hit for the trouble he caused. Magic Man puts on Glob's helmet. Tiny Manticore begins flying Finn to Wizard City to try to find a cure.


Major characters[]

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  • Simon says "You forgot your floaties" which is the title of the episode. Although, it is muted.
  • It is said by Betty that Magic Man and Glob are brothers.
  • It is never revealed how Finn or Jake are turned back into their old selves. They headed toward Wizard City to do so, but they are back to normal in the next episode they appear in, "Hot Diggity Doom."
  • Magic man says "You imagine the lock, before the key. You think this is a key *points to head* but it's a wastebasket!" He later says that he went to Prismo to try and wish Margles back, but all that appears is a wastebasket because the only existence left of Margles is in Magic Man's mind.
  • After gaining Magic Man's powers, Betty's eyes turned white, making them resemble Magic Man's and Ice King's eyes.

Episode connections[]

  • Grob Gob Glob Grod's helmet is seen landing on Earth after their death in "Astral Plane."
  • Jake mentions that Betty is supposed to be dead, while Finn asserts that "disappeared doesn't always mean dead." He also acknowledges that she is wearing new glasses, something he noted from the videos he saw about her in "Holly Jolly Secrets Part II."
  • Betty first arrived in Ooo in "Betty" and has been searching since to find the means to save Simon Petrikov.
  • The topic of Magic Man's relationship with Margles from "Sons of Mars" is brought up again in this episode; the incident is likewise revealed to occur prior to the incident where Magic Man ended up making Grob Gob Glob Grod's head bald.
  • GOLB from "Puhoy" reappears in this episode, and he is established as a seemingly malevolent deity in the flashback conversation between Magic Man and Grob Gob Glob Grod.

Cultural references[]

  • When Tiny Manticore says to Magic Man "You gave me some kind of hostage syndrome," he's most likely referring to Stockholm syndrome.
  • Betty mentions the Philosopher's Stone, a legendary alchemical substance said to turn lead into gold or to be an elixir of life.
  • The ritual used to change the madness from Magic Man to Betty is the same from the Jodorowski movie The Holy Mountain.

M.A.R.G.L.E.S.'s appearance next to an image of Baphomet

  • When Betty/M.A.R.G.L.E.S. turns into the Martian defense system they assume a form that is reminiscent of Typhon, a serpentine giant in Greco-Roman mythology, and Baphomet, an occultist figure within the cosmology of Thelema.
  • Typhon Staatliche Antikensammlungen 596-2866129305

    Another mythical creature similar to M.A.R.G.L.E.S.

    The image of Simon emerging from the swimming pool with tiny balls on his crab hands resembles the crab on the Moon card in Camoin-Jodorowsky's Tarot of Marseille.

Storyline analysis[]

  • Floaties are a floatation device used to assist people (usually children) who can't swim very well. When Simon says "You forgot your floaties", that indicates that Betty subconsciously knows she's just jumped into the deep end of magic without knowing how to swim, and the fact that Simon is muted may indicate that it is too late, she's figuratively already underwater and the powerful overwhelming magic power she's gained has deafened her to her own subconscious' warning.
  • At the end of the episode, Betty takes Magic Man's hat, thus showing she has become corrupt with magic man's power, like her fiancé, Simon, who also became corrupt by his crown's power.

Production notes[]

  • This is the first episode that aired during the second "AdventureBomb."



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