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X is the Fire Elemental 1000 years in the future. For some unknown reason, X uses their tank to shoot at O, the Slime Elemental, in the intro sequence for "Come Along With Me."


X has a ball of fire, giving off an ember effect, for a head, and on their face is a big, white X. However, their hands are not made of fire. They wear dark, round sunglasses that appear to be separated by the X on their face. X also wears a maroon suit of armor along with a cape.


Since X is the Fire Elemental, they have the ability to control fire at will. They also know how to control a tank.


  • Steve Wolfhard included X to give closure on Flame Princess.
  • X's name, along with O's, may be a reference to the game tic-tac-toe (also known as Noughts and Crosses), with X representing the crosses, and O the noughts.



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