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The Worms are creatures in Adventure Time. They first appear in the episode "Tree Trunks," attempting to eat an apple. The worms also appear in the show's closing credits. They are later seen in "Evicted!" A single worm appears on Finn's bed, and makes a siren-like "wowowowo" noise. Finn throws The Enchiridion at the worm to knock it off, saying, "No worms on the bed!" Later, after Marceline gives Finn and Jake back their house, they find it infested by many worms, including the King Worm. It seems that they give off the siren whenever someone sees them, possibly to signal or call the King Worm. It is unknown whether small worms have their king's ability to hypnotize others (at least) into hugging them. A worm also appears in "BMO Lost" dancing with other insects.

A Pupil Worm appears in the episode "The Real You," which shows some resemblance to the regular worms.


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These type of worms are small and light green, with darker green stripes running across their bodies. They look similar to their king, but much smaller. They may or may not be able to talk. Their appearance and movement resemble that of inchworms only with bigger round heads.


  • With the exception of the worms in "Evicted!" who invaded Finn's home, most worms appear to live in or around Tree Trunks' home, possibly due to the presence of apples, which the worms can eat and live in.
  • These worms are not to be confused with Shelby, an earthworm-like creature who lives in Jake's viola.
  • One worm appears in the Adventure Time Ending Theme.
  • Worms seem to be intelligent, due to the fact that the only educational place seen in Ooo (besides the Library) was worm college, seen in "The Real You."
  • There were also worms eating the bark of the tree in "Up a Tree."
  • The Worms are eaten by Finn and Jake in "Food Chain" and are refered to as caterpillars.
  • The Worms are enemies in Break the Worm.