The Worm College is a college run by Pupil Worms housed inside a huge, rotting apple. While trying to become smarter, Finn and Jake attend the school in "The Real You." The class taking place during the episode is called "Theoretical Fightonomics" where the answer to questions about hypothetical, one-on-one fights is always "Werewolf Queen."


The college looks like a typical tiny classroom. The room consists of book-filled shelves carved into the wall (a small magnifying glass in one), a lecturer's podium, a sheet of lined paper for a blackboard, and student desks (also carved out of the apple). The lecturer's podium is the eraser-end of a pencil mounted to a die where the lecturer stands. Apple seeds can be seen on the ceiling of the classroom.


  • The worm lecturer mentions Friedrich Nietzsche's "Übermensch."
  • The lecturer worm's binder has a picture of a piece of pizza on the cover as well as Natasha Allegri's birthday (6/18/1986).
  • A calendar on the wall says "Avril," which is "April" in French.


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