The Woobeewoo Elder first appears in the episode "The Hard Easy." He recruits the help of Finn and Jake to stop the Mega Frog from terrorizing the mudscamps' village.


He looks like a regular mudscamp with reddish skin. He wears a bell for a crown and is seen standing/sitting on two other mudscamps.


Greetings, heroes…. I'm so sorry about that. Y'know, we- we secrete stink oil all day… o-out of our awful sauce glands. Y'know, I guess I should have warned you. Anyway, let me cut the cheese… Yes, I mean, I mean, of course cut to the chase. I mean, for many- for many moons now, our village has been under siege by the Mega Frog. He's one hundred stories of one hundred-ten percent ten-speed terror, like, bam, like, fresh out the grease. I mean, he chases us all up and down from first base to home, trying to eat us alive. We- we've always managed to escape, but it's crazy scary. I mean, w-what if you got ate? Think about it. All alone in a stomach full of acid?

—"The Hard Easy"

"Mommy! Mommy, mommy help me!" "Billy, is that you?" "Mommy, you sound exactly…" "Mommy, you sound exactly like m-… Mommy, you sound exactly like me!" "Billy, uh!"

—"The Hard Easy"

Anyway, if this keeps up we'll have to move to the city and get jobs. We don't know how- how to do anything cool. Look, see, they're already practicing, the poor fools. They don't know what they're in for.

—"The Hard Easy"

Here, take this, please. It's not much, but it's all we have. It's… It's a bag of lollies.

—"The Hard Easy"


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