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The wolves appear in "Go With Me." They live together in a pack that Finn and Marceline temporarily join for "excitement." Finn and Marceline capture and release two of them into Princess Bubblegum's room to make her go to the movies with Finn. After that ultimately fails, the wolves return at the end when Finn and Marceline destroy the movie screen. They appear to be led by a larger wolf that wears a necklace with an orange-colored jewel. This could possibly be the alpha wolf or elder of the pack.

In "The Monster," a pack of wolves adopt Lumpy Space Princess as one of their own, letting her live with them until she annoys them to the point where they choose to maul her until she runs away from them.

Episode Appearances


Candy Element


In the episode, "Skyhooks II," it was revealed that a pair of wolves had become assimilated into candy people. They appear to be the same, except now their bodies are candy-based.



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