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This article is about Wizards. You may be looking for Magic Users.

Wizards are a prominent race whose presence permeates the Land of Ooo.

While there are many other magic users in Ooo, their status as a single, unified species has never been directly stated. As such, some wizards (e.g. Rock Wizard and Dimension Wizard) appear to be of completely different species, making it debatable if all characters called "wizards" or "witches" actually belong to a single species. However, since the Ice King and Betty Grof were once humans that became wizards later on in life, it's possible that wizards aren't necessarily born as such but can be transfigured from another species, similar to Vampires and Hug Wolves.


Wizards appear to mostly reside within Wizard City, a hidden location only accessible by a wizard saying the password: "Wizards rule." Many wizards seen on the series demonstrate a competitive, elitist attitude, explicitly forbidding non-wizards from participating in Wizard Battle or entering Wizard City, and punishing those who do. Wizards often seek to prove their power over others through such competitions as Wizard Battle, or by creating exclusionary clubs such as the Secret Society, which are based around unearthing secret magics from ancient schools. In "Thanks for the Crabapples, Giuseppe," it's shown that there are multiple secret societies within the wizard community, which often flaunt their "secret wizard handshakes" and mock non-members. Ice King, Abracadaniel, and several other lower-class wizards start their own society in that episode based on their shared experiences on a road trip.

All wizards have a concept of magic, madness, and sadness in them as revealed in "You Forgot Your Floaties." Betty Grof is researching this trinity in order to find a way to harness them in order to save Simon. Magic Man says there is a way to transfer magic from one being to another and says that magic and science are different. Magic transferal is proven true when Betty puts on Magic Man's hat and takes his magic and madness, causing her to become a wizard and leaving him to become Normal Man.

Notable Wizards

Wizards come in an assortment of different shapes and sizes; each having a variety of different powers.

From the show

From the comic book

Notable Wizards

Image Name
Ash trans.png
Huntress Wizard
Grassy Wizard
GM Wizard.png
Grand Master Wizard
Ancient Sleeping Magi of Life Giving
Ron James.png
Ron James

Pupil 1

Pupil 2

Pupil 3

Pupil 4

Pupil 5

Pupil 6

Pupil 7

Sleeping Student

Wizard Students


Old Wizards
S6e13 Berdzerd.png
S4 E24 Forest Wizard.PNG
Forest Wizard
Laser Wizard.png
Laser Wizard
Flame Lord.png
Flame Lord
Dimension Wizard.png
Dimension Wizard
Wizard Thief.png
Wizard Thief
Gentleman Wizard.png
Gentleman Wizard
Lady Wizard.png
Lady Wizard 1
Lady Wizard 2.png
Lady Wizard 2
Weapon Head.png
Weapon Head
Naked Wizard
Science Whyzard

(Doctor Princess)

Brain Wiz.png
Brain Wiz
Rock Wizard.png
Rock Wizard
S6e13 Beau.png
S6e13 Leaf Man.png
Leaf Man
Wizard Police
Wizard Tailor .jpg
Wizard Tailor
Prison Chef.jpg
Wizard Prison Chef

Other Wizards

Image Name
Wizard 1.jpg
Wizard 1
Wizard 3.jpg
Wizard 2
Wizard 4.jpg
Wizard 4 poofed.jpg
Wizard 3
Wizard 5.jpg
Wizard 4
Wizard 6.jpg
Wizard 5
Wizard 7.jpg
Wizard 6
Wizard 8.jpg
Wizard 7
Wizard 9.jpg
Wizard 8
Wizard 10.jpg
Wizard 9
Wizard 11.jpg
Wizard 10
Wizard 12.jpg
Wizard 11
Wizard 13.jpg
Wizard 12
Wizard 14.jpg
Wizard 13
Wizard 15.jpg
Wizard 14
Wizard 16.jpg
Wizard 15
Wizard 17.jpg
Wizard 16
Wizard 18.jpg
Wizard 17
Wizard 19.jpg
Wizard 18
Wizard 20.jpg
Wizard 19
Wizard 21.jpg
Wizard 20
Wizard 22.jpg
Wizard 21
Wizard 23.jpg
Wizard 22
Wizard 24.jpg
Wizard 23
Wizard 25.jpg
Wizard 24
Wizard 26.jpg
Wizard 25
Wizard 28.jpg
Wizard 26
Wizard 29.jpg
Wizard 27

Wizard Prisoners

Image Name
Prisoner 1.jpg
Prisoner 1
Prisoner 2.jpg
Prisoner 2
Prisoner 3.jpg
Prisoner 3
Prisoner 4.jpg
Prisoner 4
Prisoner 5.jpg
Prisoner 5
Prisoner 6.jpg
Prisoner 6
Prisoner 7.jpg
Prisoner 7
Prisoner 8.jpg
Prisoner 8
Prisoner 9.jpg
Prisoner 9
Prisoner 10.jpg
Prisoner 10
Prisoner 11.jpg
Prisoner 11
Prisoner 12.jpg
Prisoner 12
Prisoner 13.jpg
Prisoner 13
Prisoner 14.jpg
Prisoner 14
Prisoner 15.jpg
Prisoner 15
Prisoner 16.jpg
Prisoner 16
Prisoner 17.jpg
Prisoner 17
Prisoner 18.jpg
Prisoner 18
Prisoner 19.jpg
Prisoner 19
Prisoner 20.jpg
Prisoner 20
Prisoner 21.jpg
Prisoner 21
Prisoner 22.jpg
Prisoner 22
Prisoner 23.jpg
Prisoner 23
Prisoner 24.jpg
Prisoned 24
Prisoner 25.jpg
Prisoner 25
Prisoner 26.jpg
Prisoner 26
Prisoner 27.jpg
Prisoner 27
Prisoner 28.jpg
Prisoner 28
Prisoner 29.jpg
Prisoner 29
Prisoner 30.jpg
Prisoner 30
Prisoner 31.jpg
Prisoner 31
Prisoner 32.jpg
Prisoner 32
Prisoner 33.jpg
Prisoner 33
Prisoner 34.jpg
Prisoner 34
Prisoner 35.jpg
Prisoner 35
Prisoner 36.jpg
Prisoner 36
Prisoner 37.jpg
Prisoner 37
Prisoner 38.jpg
Prisoned 38
Prisoner 39.jpg
Prisoned 39
Prisoner 40.jpg
Prisoner 40
Prisoner 41.jpg
Prisoner 41
Prisoner 42.jpg
Prisoner 42
Prisoner 43.jpg
Prisoner 43
Prisoner 44.jpg
Prisoner 44
Prisoner 45.jpg
Prisoner 45
Prisoner 46.jpg
Prisoner 46
Prisoner 47.jpg
Prisoner 47
Prisoner 48.jpg
Prisoner 48
Prisoner 49.jpg
Prisoner 49
Prisoner 50.jpg
Prisoner 50
Prisoner 51.jpg
Prisoner 51
Prisoner 52.jpg
Prisoner 52
Prisoner 53.jpg
Prisoner 53
Prisoner 54.jpg
Prisoner 54
Prisoner 55.jpg
Prisoner 55
Prisoner 56.jpg
Prisoner 56
Prisoner 57.jpg
Prisoner 57
Prisoner 58.jpg
Prisoner 58
Prisoner 59.jpg
Prisoner 59
Prisoner 60.jpg
Prisoner 60
Prisoner 61.jpg
Prisoner 61
Prisoner 62.jpg
Prisoner 62
Prisoner 63.jpg
Prisoner 63
Prisoner 64.jpg
Prisoner 64
Prisoner 65.jpg
Prisoner 65
Prisoner 66.jpg
Prisoner 66
Prisoner 67.jpg
Prisoner 67
Prisoner 68.jpg
Prisoner 68
Prisoner 69.jpg
Prisoner 69
Prisoner 70.jpg
Prisoner 70


  • The creators of Adventure Time have suggested that "wizard" is the actual species of two characters: Ice King and Ash.
    • When asked whether Ice King was a human, Natasha Allegri responded that he was a wizard.[1] It was later revealed that the Ice King was in fact formerly a human before he discovered the ice crown, which changed his body and drove him insane turning him into a wizard. Allegri's statement is still factually true, however.
    • Adam Muto has stated that Ash is a wizard, "Not a vampire or demon."[2]
    • Note that in both cases, it was only implied by the nature of the question (not directly stated) that "wizard" is a species.
  • The real-world Enchiridion, there are multiple fun facts listed about wizards. However, it is unknown if these are rumors or facts.
    • Most wizards are tone-deaf.
    • Most wizards have hormone imbalances that are exacerbated by glucose compounds.
    • Most wizards shave between their eyebrows to disguise the fact they have unibrows so thick that it looks like gross black caterpillars are fighting over their eyes.



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