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Wizards are a prominent race that permeates throughout the Land of Ooo.

While there are many other magic users in Ooo, their status as a single, unified species has never been directly stated as such. Some wizards (e.g. Rock Wizard and Dimension Wizard) appear to be of completely different species, making it debatable if all characters called "wizard" or "witch" actually belong to single species. However, since the Ice King and Betty were once humans that became wizards later on in life, its possible that wizards aren't necessarily born as such but can be transfigured from another species (similar to Vampires and Hug Wolves).


Wizards appear to mostly reside within Wizard City, a hidden location only accessible by a wizard saying the password, "Wizards rule." Many wizards seen on the series demonstrate a competitive, elitist attitude, explicitly forbidding non-wizards from participating in Wizard Battle or entering Wizard City, and punishing those who do. Wizards often seek to prove their power over others through such competitions as Wizard Battle, or by creating exclusionary clubs such as the Secret Society, which are based around unearthing secret magics from ancient schools. In "Thanks for the Crabapples, Giuseppe," it's shown that there are multiple secret societies within the wizard community, which often flaunt their "secret wizard handshakes" and mock non-members. Ice King, Abracadaniel, and several other lower-class wizards start their own society in that episode based on their shared experiences on a road trip.

All wizards have a concept of magic, madness, and sadness in them as revealed in "You Forgot Your Floaties." Betty Grof is researching this trinity in order to find a way to harness them in order to save Simon. Magic Man says there is a way to transfer magic from one being to another and says that magic and science are different. Magic transferal is proven true when Betty puts on Magic Man's hat and takes his magic and madness, causing her to become a wizard and leaving him to become Normal Man.

Notable Wizards

Wizards come in an assortment of different shapes and sizes; each having a variety of different powers.

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  • The creators of Adventure Time have suggested that "wizard" is the actual species of two characters: Ice King and Ash.
    • When asked whether Ice King was a human, Natasha Allegri responded that he was a wizard.[1] It was later revealed that the Ice King was in fact formerly a human before he discovered the ice crown, which changed his body and drove him insane turning him into a wizard. Allegri's statement is still factually true, however.
    • Adam Muto has stated that Ash is a wizard, "Not a vampire or demon."[2]
    • Note that in both cases, it was only implied by the nature of the question (not directly stated) that "wizard" is a species.



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