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Wizard Thief is a character who appears in the episode "City of Thieves." He is one of many people to handle Penny's flower basket before a Cyclops robs him. He also magically removes and steals the Two Headed Thief's left head.


His appearance is identical to Forest Wizard except his coloration; he is a palette swap. His robe is red while Forest Wizard's is green and his skin is a light purple while the Forest Wizard's is brown. He has a long off-white beard and a tall, pointy hat to match his robe. When in cat form, his fur is black.


He is able to cast swirly pink spells (with an unknown effect) from a Y-shaped twig, and can turn into a cat by chanting "Pancake, pancake, pancake."


  • His chant to transform into a cat is a reference to Natasha Allegri's cat Pancake.
  • In the montage of thievery, one of the other citizens of the city is shown wearing the Wizard Thief's hat.
  • He owns the same wand as Abracadaniel in wizard battle.
  • He is a palette swap of Forest Wizard.