Wizard Prison is a prison located somewhere near Wizard City. It makes its first appearance in "Wizards Only, Fools" and is guarded by many Wizard Police. Non-magic users caught in Wizard City are imprisoned here. It is unknown what other crimes prisoners have done to be imprisoned there. Later in the episode, the entire prison is frozen by a cold spell unleashed by Princess Bubblegum. However, the fires in the front of the prison still burn.


The prison looks like a castle. The outside of the prison is a dark brown color, and fire roars below the prison, like a moat in a castle. A bridge is the only way to get in or out of the prison, increasing the security. Floodlights pan around the prison looking for escapees. A purple banner is hung outside of the prison with a blue jewel and three keys on it. It is unknown what these symbols mean.

Inside the prison is a large room filled with cells. Each cell has two beds hanging from the wall.

There is also a room for cafeteria purposes. This room also has cells in it. There are tables for prisoners to sit at while eating. There is no ceiling, and it seems like it is located in the center of the prison. The ground is hard tile or rock.


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