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This article is about the Distant Lands episode. You may be looking for the city.

"Wizard City" is the fourth episode and final of Adventure Time: Distant Lands. It was originally intended to be the third episode of Distant Lands, but was pushed back due to production delays.


Peppermint Butler starts over at the beginning, as just another inexperienced Wizard School student. When mysterious events at the campus cast suspicion on him and his checkered past, can he master the mystic arts in time to prove his innocence? [2]


On a rainy night in Wizard City, Abracadaniel is maintaining the trophy case of the wizard school, Magic Arts, when a mysterious guy appears running, who turns out to be Choose Goose, who sells illegal moisturizer to a unknown buyer. Abracadaniel listens as Choose Goose consumes something that he thinks is water from the school drinking fountain, when suddenly an explosion is heard. Abracadaniel runs to see if he is okay, but finds only his feathers, while the fleeing buyer takes the cart.

A short time later Peppermint Butler (now a child) arrives in Wizard City, where a wizard tricks him with a song to steal his books. Using black magic, he removes his head (but he is still alive). After what happened, he attracts a group of kids (Spader, Blaine and Larry, who made fun of a girl named Cadebra), who (except Blaine) are surprised; they think he's related to Peppermint Butler, but he says he's not. Then the Wizard Police arrive on Blaine's whistle call (due to one of the cops being his uncle), and they let Pep go with a warning.

The group head up to the school for the auditions, in which they must cast a spell to light up a candle. Spader, Blaine and Larry manage to be accepted and find themselves in the salamander rank. Cadebra enters next, and it is clear she has a great passion for stage magic over real magic. Although she did not light the real candle and replaced it with an electronic one instead, Cadebra is accepted for being Abracadaniel's niece, but at the lower rank of a skink. Pep then tries to light the candle with a Nightosphere spell, but a skull appears in the flames and chases him. It is stopped by Weapon Head, who says that he should not be accepted. Dr. Caledonius sees potential in him, which convinces the other teachers to accept him as a skink as well. Then Spader and his group make fun of Pep's rank.

He then flees to the skinks building where a ghost from his past comes out of his mouth, scolding him for his rank. Suddenly Cadebra sees him and is frightened by the apparition, and asks if that was Peppermint Butler. Pep states that it was not actually him, only a curse. When she asks who would curse him, he has a flashback of the true cause, which was when Peppermint Butler used dark magic to ensure that, no matter what happens to him, he will maintain his desire to become a powerful dark wizard. Pep makes up that Peppermint Butler is his uncle and that he had cursed him to make sure he became a powerful wizard. After that, they stay in the room to sleep (Pep does it grudgingly).

In another scene, an obscured figure, who appears to be Bufo, rubs cream on his arms and affirms that his plan will finally be carried out. Then what appears to be Choose Goose's corpse is seen in a jar with a liquid.

The next day they attend classes, the first being Bufo's transmutation class. Before starting, he admits he use to be a dark wizard, but affirms that he has reformed. He then turns Larry into a rock for rudely interrupting. Then he leaves them a task in pairs, which consists of mutating an egg with magic. Pep is assigned Cadebra as a partner. They head to other classes, in which Pep is outshined by Spader every time (and Cadebra continues to perform stage magic instead). That is until they arrive at Dr. Caledonius's history class, who has them dig for ancient relics in the school courtyard. She chooses Pep over Spader when she asks a question, much to Pep's surprise and Spader's annoyance. Later in the coffee shop, Cadebra manages to help Pep cast a transmutation spell on the egg, giving it a colorful pattern. Spader and Blaine come into the shop, with Blaine going into the bathroom. Spader uses the opportunity to show off his own egg, and has it destroy Pep and Cadebra's. Infuriated by what happened, Mint is about to stand up to Spader before the curse spirit starts to emerge again, and he rushes to the bathroom. The spirit tells Pep to show Spader he means business, which unbeknownst to them both, is heard by Blaine. After leaving the coffee shop, Spader is captured by an unseen figure.

The next day, Cadebra wakes up after remembering the day she became a fan of stage magic, despite the protests of her mother and uncle. Later in Bufo's class, he says that he received a letter from Spader saying he left school to go in search of new things, but Blaine doesn't think so. Mint then shows his egg, which impresses the others, and Bufo has Pep take his spot. Annoyed, Blaine tells him that he had heard Pep talkikg to himself last night, casting suspicion that he had something to do with Spader's absence. Pep tries to reassure that Spader's treatment toward him made him a better wizard, but causes his egg to explode, and he is sent back to his seat. Pep is worried that Blaine will reveal his secret to everyone, so he and Cadebra attempt to contact Spader with a spell, but fail. Annoyed with Cadebra, Mint leaves the room. On his way out, he meets Dr. Caledonius, who was burying more relics because she wants to make her students feel special. She consoles Pep after he becomes upset, believing that he feels that way about Bufo, who hates the students.

Knowing that Bufo was a dark magician, Pep decides to go to Bufo's room to incriminate him by putting Spader's handkerchief there. He adds up the facts that Bufo hates the students, is a dark wizard, and was the one Spader supposedly sent the letter to. But then he finds Bufo's dead body with a cup filled with a strange liquid. Blaine arrives with their uncle and shows Pep's photo album, which reveals his true identity, and all of the evidence suggests he is the cause of Spader's disappearance and Bufo's death. After this, Pep is arrested and Cadebra finds out that he is Peppermint Butler, but Pep manages to escape using one of Cadebra's smoke bombs.

They all find themselves looking for Pep, but Cadebra doesn't believe that he killed Spader and Bufo. Caledonius says she thinks the same. Then the doctor says that she tried to find him with a locator spell, but their connection is not very strong. So Cadebra decides to cast the spell, and succeeds, finding Pep in a dumpster. Cadebra tells him that they will find the real killer and prove he is not who he used to be. When she asks him if he had seen anything suspicious, Pep takes out the cup, spilling the liquid within it. An ant consumes it and explodes, showing what may have been the true cause of Bufo's death. Dr. Caledonius manages to find them, and recognizes the object as the Chalice of Coconteppi, stating that they must return it to its rightful place. Blaine finds them, but Caledonius temporarily stuns them, and they head into the mysterious underground depths of the school.

They come to a room containing very large skeletal remains, and find another smaller one sitting in a throne at the end. The doctor tells them to leave the cup on the skeleton's throne. Cadebra spots the skeleton's shoes, realizing that it is Spader's corpse. After leaving the cup on the throne with the skeleton, a group of hooded dark wizards appear and gather behind Caledonius, revealing themselves to be some of the school's teachers, those being Brain Wizard, Berdzerd, Dimension Wizard, and even Potable Wizard, the brewery shop owner. Caledonius reveals that the room is the tomb of Coconteppi, and explains their background: they are all dark magicians dedicated to the Cult of Coconteppi, a creature of great magical power, and the original source of Wizard City's magic. For centuries they searched for his corpse, because its heart contained its incredible power within ichor. They managed to find the remains of Coconteppi after the ichor leaked through the school drinking fountain from which Choose Goose drank, apparently ending his life. With this new discovery, they decided to find someone who is capable of drinking the ichor and becoming the new Coconteppi. Their first choice was Spader, believing that he would be able to handle the ichor due to being their star student. However, he did not survive. Caledonius also reveals that Bufo drank the ichor for himself, and as a result his body died, with his tadpoles surviving.

Dr. Caledonius then states that harnessing Coconteppi's power requires potential beyond that of any other wizard, confirming Pep is the one destined to consume the ichor. She gives the cup of ichor to him, but Cadebra tries to convince Mint not to drink it, saying that he can be powerful in his own way, and even if the path is long and tough, he'll own it. Seeing this, Dr. Caledonius orders Cadebra to be taken care of, and Bufo’s tadpoles attempt to use her as their new host. Within his own mind, the ghost of Pep's past convinces him to drink the ichor. After drinking it, he transforms into Pepperminteppi. Despite the cult's everlasting worship, he kills all of the Cult of Coconteppi members (except Bufo’s tadpoles) and saves Cadebra. Soon afterward, Pepperminteppi becomes totally corrupted and tries to kill Cadebra, but she confronts him by punching his stomach after distracting him with stage magic, causing him to vomit the ichor and return to normal. The ghost from Pep's past appears again and berates him for what happened, but Pep tells him that he is not his destiny but his past. He then rips the ghost out of him, freeing himself from the curse. Pep states that he still wants to become a powerful wizard, just not the same as before.

At Wiz Arts, Weapon Head, the new headmaster, announces that Pep is innocent and his right to reside in Wizard City is restored. She also promotes him to the salamander rank, but he turns this down to continue studying alongside Cadebra. He then returns Cadebra's book (which he took previously to replace the one stolen from him) and with her help, return Larry to his original state. He asks about Spader, leaving Pep and Cadebra unsure of what to tell him.

In a post-credits scene, it is revealed that Choose Goose survived after consuming the ichor, and it corrupted him, turning him evil as he menacingly holds Bufo's tadpoles.


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  • It is revealed that before Peppermint Butler was regressed to a child-like state, he cursed himself to be embodied by his own dark self.
  • Peppermint Butler got banned from Wizard City due to being a Dark Wizard.
  • Bufo’s tadpoles remain the only survivor out of the Cult of Coconteppi to presumably survive.
  • Bufo mentions that he threw Forest Wizard and Laser Wizard under the bus to avoid going in Wizard Prison.
  • Abracadaniel has a niece named Cadebra.
  • Ron James, the Ancient Sleeping Magi of Life Giving, Leaf Man, and Little Dude all work at the school as teachers.
  • This is the first episode to feature a post-credits scene.
  • This is the only Distant Lands episode in which Finn does not appear.
  • This is the second Distant Lands episode where an image of Jake is seen, even though Jake is not physically present.
    • The first such episode was "Obsidian", wherein a tattoo depicting Jake was seen on Finn's chest.
  • Graffiti in the school's courtyard closely resembles the Kilroy was here meme.
  • Before being crushed, Dr. Caledonius yells "More weight!" This is a reference to the real-world death of Giles Corey.
  • After finding Peppermint Butler hiding in the dumpster, Blaine shouts "Stop right there, criminal scum!" This is a reference to the video game The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, in which city guards speak the same line.
  • While Distant Lands was meant to contain only three episodes, Wizard City became an extra episode and the last one to be made, and it was switched to be the third episode instead of the fourth.[3][4][5]
  • The words used in the Ogrification spell used by Peppermint Butler references the Words of Power used in the Ultima franchise.

Episode Connections[]

  • This episode presumably takes place concurrently to the events of "Obsidian", as indicated in the opening sequence by the rain as well as Choose Goose's cloak and cart of illegal moisturizer.
  • The Gum War from "Come Along With Me" is mentioned as a rumor that Peppermint Butler had been the cause. While metaphorically true (Peppermint Butler falling victim to Gumbald's Dum Dum Juice was the final straw that spurred Princess Bubblegum to declare war), the rumor seems to paint Peppermint Butler as an active instigator rather than a victim of an attempted 'assassination'.
  • Peppermint Butler's photo album contains images of:
  • Choose Goose turns evil after drinking the blood of Coconteppi, suggesting this is why he ended up in the 1st Dead World in "Together Again".
    • However, given the fact he was still good in "Together Again" indicates he must have turned back to his normal self at some point in time.
  • Coconteppi is one of the many monsters that came before time, which is shown in "Gold Stars."

Storyline Analysis[]

  • In "Together Again" (which takes place far in the future relative to "Wizard City") Peppermint Butler is shown to have grown back to his fully adult form, still maintaining an interest in dark magic. This likely fulfills the young Peppermint's desire to become "a powerful wizard jerk," and while he states in "Wizard City" that he wishes to distance himself from his past wrongdoings, it remains unclear how well this promise was kept up.



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