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This article is about the city. You may be looking for Wizard Village or the Distant Lands episode.

Wizard City is a magical settlement hidden in a mountain range called Wizwamo Canyon[1] in the Land of Ooo. The city is usually invisible and for it to appear, the password Wizards rule! must be heard, coming from the voice of a real wizard[2]. The city features a marketplace where wizards can buy and sell magical items and is also home to Wiz Arts, a school to study magic. The city first appears in "Reign of Gunters," where Ice King goes to purchase a new Wishing Eye, and it's explored further on in the titular episode.


To most visitors, Wizard City appears to be a dead end within a rocky ravine due to a magical barrier that encompasses the city. The city itself is surrounded by a red-brown wall and contains several timber-framed buildings. Most structures in the city appear to be stores and they are marked by symbols that can only be deciphered by members of certain wizard groups.

As of the episode "Betty" much of the city seems to lay buried underneath the ruins of Bella Noche after it is defeated by Betty Grof.


By law, all residents in Wizard City must be a wizard or magic user. As a result, the city is primarily populated by wizards of various forms and races. However, the city is occasionally visited by non-magical individuals, most of whom are captured and punished by the Wizard Police.

In "Reign of Gunters," it is revealed that many wizards in the city are members of magical groups and schools in an attempt to guard their magical secrets. Most wizards are reluctant to share magical items and knowledge with the rest of Ooo, and the idea of an equal distribution of magic is considered taboo.


S5 e26 Grand Master Wizard's house

Grand Master Wizard's Palace

Despite its name, it is suggested that Wizard City functions as a city-state. Its acting ruler is the Grand Master Wizard, who resides in a round white palace in a walled courtyard within the city. In addition to ruling the affairs of the wizard community, the Grand Master Wizard also directly deals with serious threats, such as the release of Bella Noche. The Grand Master Wizard is also required to negotiate with foreign leaders, such as Princess Bubblegum, in the case of any issues between them.

In "Wizards Only, Fools," it is revealed that most laws in Wizard City revolve around the prohibition of magic, thus making it illegal for any non-magic user to inhabit or trade in the city. Any wizards who sympathize with or house non-magic users are subject to punishment by the law. The Wizard Police are responsible for enforcing the law in Wizard City and are under the authority of the Grand Master Wizard. Criminals are usually sent to the Wizard Prison or transformed into inanimate objects by the Wizard Police, such as in the case of Stranson Doughblow who was transformed into a wooden cane for impersonating a wizard and purchasing items from the Spell Palace.

Episode Appearances[]


  • The city is intentionally reminiscent of Diagon Alley from the Harry Potter franchise, cobblestone streets and all.
  • Despite the city's old-fashioned appearance, it utilizes internet technology as the Ice King was able to search for wares in the Wizard City markets online.



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