The Wizard Battle is an annual event held by Grand Master Wizard in the Wizard Battle Arena. It was first shown in the episode Wizard Battle, where Wizards of all kind battle and the last one standing is the winner. In that episode, Finn and Jake were two people watching the event when they realize that Ice King was participating and cheating. In the Wizard Battle Arena, Finn and Jake meet up with Abracadaniel who agrees to stop the Ice King with Finn and Jake as he misunderstood the prize of the tournament and didn't want to fight.


The Wizard Battle Arena is actually a basic abandoned arena in the middle of a forest which is used for "Wizard Battle." In the arena, rows of seats surround the field where wizard participants battle. The right side of the arena has a portion of a collapsed wall. There are few rocks on the field and a cave. There is a huge seat in the center of the left seating rows where the Grand Master Wizard sits. The entrance is a small tunnel with a scoreboard on top. In the episode "Wizard Battle" there was an abundance of fauna growing around right at the edge of the arena. Many of the small trees that surrounded the arena were even seen growing inside the arena on seats and the field. However, in the episode "Nemesis " the Wizard Battle Arena is seen with a few small trees in the arena and the fauna around the arena is not as high as it used to be.

Rules of Wizard Battle

The rules are simple: no science, no weapons (Ice King disregards this rule), no quitting, and to enter, one must be a wizard. Though these rules are adhered to by most wizards, cheating is apparently easy, as the Grand Master Wizard didn't stop Ice King from using weapons throughout a great deal of the battle because he was busy playing with cats. Furthermore, none of the contestants who cheat face serious consequences. (The exception is that wizards who quit before the tournament begins are turned into cats.) Jake notes that if he and Finn cheat, they will ruin the sanctity of Wizard Battle. Others also note it is sacred, but these claims are difficult to take seriously given that the rules are so easily broken. 

Prize of Wizard Battle

The prize seems to vary each year, ranging from money to a princess kiss.


  • When Princess Bubblegum kissed Finn after he won the battle, it would mark their last actual kiss together to date, although Finn would influence their mini versions to kiss in season 5's "All the Little People."
  • In the locker room of the stadium, there is a sign that says "FOR VICTORY" above the doorway. It has a Morse Code message on it that reads "..- ..-". This supposedly means "U U", though this translation may be incorrect.
  • When the wizards first come out onto the battle field, a couple of them are seen wearing robes similar to those worn by Finn and Jake in "Wizard."
  • Bufo was cheating during Wizard Battle as he lost his powers in "Wizard" due to the robe being destroyed at the end of the episode, making him no longer a wizard.


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