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The Wizard Battle is an annual event held by Grand Master Wizard seen in the episode of the same name. Wizard Battle, simply put, consists of many wizards competing in a battle. The rules are simple: no science, no weapons (Ice King disregards this rule), no quitting, and to enter, one must be a wizard. Though these rules are adhered to by most wizards, cheating is apparently easy, as the Grand Master Wizard didn't stop Ice King from using weapons throughout a great deal of the battle because he was busy playing with cats. Furthermore, none of the contestants who cheat face serious consequences (the exception is that wizards who quit before the tournament begins are turned into cats). Jake notes that if he and Finn cheat, they will ruin the sanctity of Wizard Battle. Others also note it is sacred, but these claims are difficult to take seriously given that the rules are so easily broken. The prize seems to vary each year, ranging from money to a princess kiss. Despite its popularity among wizards, it doesn't seem to be well known or interesting enough to non-wizards as the one Finn and Jake attended was practically void of visitors. Finn seems to enjoy it, as he and Jake arrived six hours early on his behalf.


Not contestants

These characters showed up for the event but did not actually participate:


Characters who came to watch the battle:


  • Even though the Grand Master said that all of the contestants will "kiss the Princess or die in battle," there are some wizards that were shown after the battle ends.
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