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This article is about the episode "Wizard Battle." You may be looking for the event or the song.

"Wizard Battle" is the eighth episode in the third season of Adventure Time. It's the sixtieth episode overall.


Finn and Jake enter a competition for wizards in disguise so they can prevent Ice King from winning the grand prize: a kiss from Princess Bubblegum.


The episode begins with Finn singing the Wizard Battle song in the arena, where he joins Jake. The wizard contestants arrive in the arena and the Grand Master Wizard announces the rules of the battle. He says that weapons and science are not allowed and they must fight with spells from "the eight schools of magic." Finn and Jake meet the Ice King, who reveals that he is going to cheat to win. The Grand Master Wizard then announces that the grand prize is a kiss from Princess Bubblegum. Some of the wizards refuse to fight for one kiss from her and are transformed into cats by the Grand Master Wizard.

Finn decides to enter the battle to prevent the Ice King from kissing Princess Bubblegum, while Jake says the real reason he is joining is to kiss Princess Bubblegum himself. They enter the arena and hit the pile of weapons left behind by participants and disguise themselves in some discarded clothing. They plan to hide behind a rock and wait for all the other wizards to defeat each other, but then meet a wizard called Abracadaniel who explains to them that everyone is waiting for the sorcerers of opposite elements to face each other first. He then tells them that he entered the competition only because he believed that the prize would be money, and that if he wins he would refuse to kiss Princess Bubblegum. Finn then decides to help him win to "save Princess Bubblegum's lips."

The three eventually face the Ice King, who has been using nunchaku to help him win. Finn whispers to Abracadaniel his plan of how to defeat Ice King: When Ice King draws his nunchaku Abracadaniel will transform them into a butterfly, before returning them to their original form to fall on Ice King's head, knocking him out. This plan works and, after defeating the Ice King, Abracadaniel feels more confident of himself as a real wizard. Finn forfeits since he just wanted to defeat Ice King, and the Grand Master Wizard turns him into a cat. Abracadaniel then says that he has become a man "who deserves a kiss from a princess," causing Finn to tear through his magically-appointed cat body and perform a Power Shriek upon Abracadaniel, knocking him unconscious. With no wizards left, Finn is declared the winner and is sent to the locker room to prepare himself to kiss Princess Bubblegum.

In the locker room Jake is able to get Finn to confess that he likes Princess Bubblegum and that he actually wanted to be the one to kiss her, which then proves to be the last straw for Finn. Completely enraged, he admits it, and eventually lets out an emotional outburst at Jake (which then causes Jake to be very sad for a while) but then apologizes, saying that hiding his feelings is exhausting. When Finn finally appears to kiss Princess Bubblegum, he is tripped up by the Rock Wizard and loses his disguise. When Princess Bubblegum demands an explanation, Finn explains to her that he just entered the Wizard Battle because Ice King was going to cheat and he did not want him to kiss her. Princess Bubblegum kisses Finn for being sweet and also gives him a slap on the face for cheating since he entered in a wizards-only battle. Then she tells to everyone to go home and prepare for the next year's Wizard Battle. Finn and Jake then lay down and Jake congratulates Finn on getting the kiss. Jake then tries on the glasses that were part of the disguise they had been wearing, and Finn remarks that he looks "so fly." Ice King (who came out of nowhere) then joins the conversation, asking for their opinion on his glasses; the episode ends with Finn and Jake not saying anything to Ice King and just looking at him.


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  • This is the first appearance of Abracadaniel and Huntress Wizard.
  • It is revealed that Power Shrieks are the most shameful form of magic in Ooo.
  • The line "never in your freaking life!" was censored in the UK.
  • Although barely visible, the Snail can be seen in the Grand Master Wizard's sleeve when Jake wonders why he does not notice the Ice King cheating.
  • When Princess Bubblegum kissed Finn after he won the battle, it would mark their last actual kiss together, although Finn would influence their mini versions to kiss in season 5's "All the Little People."
  • In the locker room of the stadium, there is a sign that says "FOR VICTORY" above the doorway. It has a Morse Code message on it that reads: ..- ..- . This supposedly means "U U," though this translation may be incorrect.
  • Rock Wizard was able to summon a meteor shower despite there being a force field over the arena.
  • The Grand Master Wizard says all Wizard Battle participants win or die, but it seems that not even one died. He most likely said this for drama.

Episode connections

  • Though Finn had wizard powers granted by Bufo in "Wizard," he lost his powers due to the robe being destroyed at the end of the episode, so he was no longer a wizard.
  • When the wizards first come out onto the battle field, a couple of them are seen wearing robes similar to those worn by Finn and Jake in "Wizard."
  • Ice King knows how to use a nunchaku because, as revealed in "The Chamber of Frozen Blades," he is a ninja enthusiast.

Cultural references

  • Finn calls Abracadaniel "Danny boy," which is an Irish folk song.
  • The Huntress Wizard's laser attack sound effect is similar to Star Wars's Blasters.


  • When Brain Wizard asks if it is an open mouth kiss, the door behind him is closed, but after the Grand Master Wizard says it is not an open mouth kiss, it goes back to Brain Wizard and the door is open.
  • Jake bites the hotdog he found underneath him while lying down on a seat but later the hotdog is seen intact.
  • Many of the audience members shift seats throughout the competition.
  • At the beginning of the Wizard Battle the Grand Master Wizard seals the sky with a sky barrier, however the Rock Wizard is able to summon meteors from the sky as if the barrier is not there.
    • It is possible that the barrier is one way.
  • There is no apparent need for Ice King to use real nunchuck since in "The Chamber of Frozen Blades" there is a variant of ice nunchucks being used, making Ice King's cheating unnecessary.
    • It could be either he forgot, or couldn't do this move (he wasn't seen making nunchucks in that episode). Another possibility is that he thought it would be easer to use a real nunchuck as opposed to making one from ice.
  • In the synopsis listed, it says that wizard battle takes place every couple hundred years, but Princess Bubblegum tells the losing wizards to "get ready for next year," implying that wizard battle occurs every year.
  • When the crowd was cheering (Lumpy Space Princess, Phil, etc.) there were no cracks from the seats behind and on the right of LSP, but in the close-up (The part where Phil cries) you can see cracks on some of the seats



This episode was censored in some countries. See Censorship of Adventure Time for more information.


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