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The Wizard makes his first appearance in "Memories of Boom Boom Mountain." He wields a wooden staff with two human skulls embedded in it and is, by his own admission, naked. He is also one of the many characters in the episode whom Finn has to help in succession to eventually solve everyone's problems. His problem is being naked, which Finn solves by supplying him with vapor, which the wizard uses only to make himself a hat. He places it on his head and claims he is "Not naked."

The Wizard was one of the wizard contestants in "Wizard Battle," where he is once again naked.

He later makes a cameo in "Wizards Only, Fools" as the Wizard Police chase after Finn, Jake, and Princess Bubblegum.


He is completely naked, and he has long, white hair that covers his whole torso and lower body. His gray beard resembles those of Ice King, Forest Wizard, and Wizard Thief. His skin is very pink and possibly sun-burned due to his constant nakedness. He has missing teeth and small, black eyes. When the steam from Ice Cube Creature rises, he takes some and creates a hat out of it. His wooden staff is engraved with skulls, which may contain magic powers.


I'm naked! Ehehehehehehe!

—"Memories of Boom Boom Mountain"

Not naked!

—"Memories of Boom Boom Mountain"

Guys lets find these johns

—"Memories of Boom Boom Mountain"

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  • Apparently, he uses magic that can summon storms, since there were storm clouds with rain and lightning above him.

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