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—"The Witch's Garden"

I never married!

Let that be a lesson to all you cupcakes. Ughhhhhh.

Wait a minute, you're a bagel! Liars! Liars everywhere!

Who is that?!... Then he has to do it, too.

Apology denied... you took too long. Now you must apologize while doing a variety of humiliating things.

Yes! Gloat, gloat, gloat! All right, I think you've learned your lesson. I forgive you.

Oh, you're doing so well, AND I HATE YOU SO MUCH.

Wait, wait, start over... It's for my newsletter... Then guess what, cool guy, you can forget about getting your powers back, EVERRRR!

You ate one of my donuts!

But didn't you learn your lesson?!

—"The Witch's Garden"

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