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Floradulcina The Witch appears in the episode "The Witch's Garden." In the episode, she strips Jake of his powers from his body because he had eaten a donut from her garden. She casts magic spells with her cane, though Finn accuses her of making them up because of the spells' silly names. She has a newsletter, which is mentioned when she told Jake to dance with his subconscious. She wanted to film them dancing saying that it would be a hit.


She has wild mood swings frequently. This is shown in that when she was planting a cupcake plant, she first stated that she loved her cupcakes but immediately follows this by saying "I hate you." She also seems to be quite paranoid, and hates liars. The Witch does not seem to be inherently evil, as she tries to teach Jake a moral lesson.


The Witch wears a long-sleeved black robe with a brown ring in the middle, and maroon boots. She is incredibly tall and thin, and this likely caused poor balance, which may explain her outrageous hunchback and her need for a cane. She has a long chin, and long black hair which covers her left eye. Despite her stature, she has tiny feet.


As she is a witch, she possesses many magical powers. She initially demonstrates that she can move an object or entity through space using the spell Razzamafoo. She uses this spell to trade places with Finn and Jake. She also has the power to strip anything of its abilities or special attributes, apparently removing its clothes in the process and turning the victim of the spell's body (excluding the head) into a man-baby body.


See Witch/Quotes.


  • She repeatedly insists that she's not married as shown when Jake mistakenly refers to her as "Mrs. Witch."
  • Her magic comes from her cane just like a magic wand.
  • For some reason, she can see Jake's subconscious while Finn cannot however this could be because only magical characters can see subconsciouses.
  • The spell "Magicusnomoreicus" can be used on people (dogs), and bagels.
  • Like the Bufo from "Wizard," she uses "Razzamafoo" to bring and swap places with Finn and Jake.
  • Her garden fence, from the outside, resembles a monster face.
  • In her garden are donut-bushes (with occasional bagels), cupcake-flowers and croissant-trees.
  • One of her spells is "Go-backicus-from-whence-you-came-icus." Finn thinks it is made up, but the spell actually teleports Finn and Jake out of the garden.
  • According to Adventure Time: The Enchiridion & Marcy's Super Secret Scrapbook, her real name is Floradulcina.


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