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Wish Magic is a powerful type of magic that appears throughout the Adventure Time universe. Wish Magic is used to grant the user any wish they want, often resulting in exactly what they ask for. Wish Magic can be obtained by Wish Masters, the go-to Wish Master being Prismo, who resides in what is known as the Time Room. They can also be obtained through magic-granting objects, most notably Ice King's crown.


Wish Magic is really the real-deal. This wish can see things in you that you cannot see yourself. Can you truly say you know your heart's truest desire?

Chatsberry in "Evergreen"

You just gotta be really specific. Say your wish is, I wish for a back rub. Who's gonna give it to you? A dirty man? A bear? And where does this misuse come from? Do I zap someone away from his family dinner? Leave some kid traumatized? Mom, where did dad go? I don't know son, he just disappeared from the table, sorry. You see Jake, there's rules to this stuff. Wishing an event to be changes elements before and after it. Memories will be destroyed, babies will not be born, potential worlds could be evaporated by your wish!

—Prismo in "Jake the Dog"

Wish Magic is one of the most powerful types of magic in the Adventure Time universe, being able to create quite literally anything that the wish-receiver wishes for. The wish will result in quite literally what the receiver asks for, which sometimes results in "ironic twists". As seen in "The Lich" wishes can create an alternative reality. During this episode, Finn wished that The Lich never existed, resulting the creating of the Farmworld reality.

Many wishes have different rules that they must abide by. This may result in some limitations of the wish. For example, when The Lich wished for the extinction of all life, this wish was limited to all those who resided in the Time Room, which consisted of Prismo, Finn, and Jake. Each receiver may only receive one wish. This rule comes with the acceptation of the Demonic Wishing Eye, which can grant multiple wishes with each wish taking a piece of the receiver's soul. Wishes will grant exactly what the receiver wishes for or what their hearts truly, depending on what grants the receiver's wish. This may result in a sort of "ironic twist", as the receiver may not end up with what they really wanted.

Although wishes are supposedly all-powerful, it was revealed in the episode "You Forgot Your Floaties" that incredibly powerful beings, such as GOLB, can intervene. When Magic Man wished for his wife Margles–who was taken by GOLB–to return in Prismo's Time Room, it resulted in Magic Man receiving a mini basketball-hoop trashcan. This was seen again when Simon made a wish pertaining to Betty–who had fused with GOLB–in the episode "Come Along With Me". This had the same result as with Magic Man.

List of Wish Masters and other wish-granting characters[]

Name Image Description


Aquandrius is a character with with the ability to gift magical wishing orbs after the wish-receiver completes his Labyrinth. Aqandrius is a mud-covered snake-like humanoid who, as revealed by the end of the episode, aims to kill his victims by using the wish orbs' ironic twists. This ended up failing after Finn wished for the Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant, who led him, Jake, and the Hot Dog Knights to safety.

Party God

Party god
Party God is a reoccurring deity that appears throughout the series. In the episode "Power Animal", it was revealed that if someone gains his favor, he can grant them a wish. After Jake earned his favor, Jake wished to focus on both finding and saving Finn. After making this wish, Party God shot a beam of light that teleported Jake to Finn's location and destroyed the Gnomes' machines using his partying skills. It is unknown if Party God's female counterpart, Party Goddess, possesses this same ability.


Prismo is the only character in the series to have officially been given the title of Wish Master. Prismo is a pink two-dimensional humanoid that resides in the Time Room, which can be accessed creating a portal by inserting Gems of Power into the The Enchiridion. is the embodiment of the dream of a sleeping old-man as well as a Cosmic Entity who works for an unnamed boss who might enforce consequences if one of Prismo's wishes becomes too out of hand. In the episode "Jake the Dog", Prismo revealed the rules of Wish Magic after becoming friends with Jake, as well as informing him of the wish that he needed to make in order to undo the Lich's wish. In the episode "Wake Up" it was revealed that the killing of a Wish Master such as Prismo is a "Cosmic Crime", which results in the perpetrator being encased in crystal by a Citadel Guardian and kept at the Crystal Citadel. It was revealed that Prismo can continue to exist in different time intervals, even after death, as seen in the episode "Is That You?". Also in this episode, it was revealed that if one of the dream hosts is killed, then it can be replaced by another being, who will be turned into a sleeping old man.


Wishy is a character with the ability to grant wishes. He resides in a dimension that can be accessed using the Demonic Wishing Eye. When someone wishes to make a wish using the device, they are teleported to a cartoonish dimension where they tell Wishy their wish. After being granted, Wishy takes a piece of their soul.

The Wish Witch

The Wish Witch1
The Wish Witch is a character that appears in the Adventure Time Comic Book series. This is the head of The Wish Witch! Wish Fulfillment services and has the ability to grant wishes.


Anbaris is a magical yellow lion that appears in the Adventure Time Comic Book series. In his debut, he revealed that he was a genie that would grant Marceline a wish if she was able to play a song.

List of wish-granting objects[]

Name Image Description

Ice King's Crown

Ice Crown
Ice King's Crown is a magical wish-granting crown with the ability to grant the wish-receivers deepest, truest wish. It was constructed by Urgence Evergreen in order to stop the arrival of a Catalyst Comet, which caused the extinction of the Dinosaurs.The construction of this crown involved obtaining Magwood's three gems that appear to be three red gems, two being four-sided and one being six-sided. After Urgence was put in a situation where he couldn't wear the crown, his dinosaur assistant Gunter put it on, causing him to turn into his minds version of Urgence Evergreen, also granting them immortality. From then on, anyone who wore the crown became Gunters version of Urgence Evergreen, their conscious being placed inside of the crown. In the episode "Broke His Crown", Betty used a magical A.I. to try and reverse the crowns Wish Magic, which was almost successful. In the episode "Come Along With Me", the crowns magic was undone by GOLB after Ice King, Betty, and Finn became trapped inside of him. When GOLB was temporarily neutralized, it's Wish Magic came back online, and Betty used it to fuse with GOLB in order to "keep Simon safe". After the wish was granted, it bounced to the ground and landed on Gunter, who became the Ice Thing.

Wish Orbs

Wish orbs
Wish Orbs are wish-granting objects that are given by Aquarius after someone completes his trial. In the episode "The Limit", these objects were given to two Hot Dog Knights, Finn, and Jake for completing Aquarius' Labyrinth. One of the Hot Dog Knights wished for a box, while the other wished to "blow up". He tried to clarify that he meant get big, but he immediately exploded. After Jake wished for a sandwich, Finn wished for the Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant, and the Elephant used his wish to bring back Jake (who had become exhausted after stretching through the entire labyrinth) and the three Hot Dog Knights that had perished.

Demonic Wishing Eye

S4 E24 Magic wishing eye
The Demonic Wishing Eye is a medallion with a green demonic eye that is owned by Ice King. This object is used to connect users with Wishy, who will grant the user a wish and take a piece of their soul as compensation. In the episode "Reign of Gunters", Gunter used the eye to create clones of himself in order to take over Ooo. His goal was to break as many bottles and other glass objects as he could. After reaching the Candy Kingdom and breaking all the bottles rounded up by the citizens, he became bored and decided that he was going to break the head of one of the Gumball Guardians. Instead, Ice King showed up and punished Gunter for stealing the eye and for causing havoc. In the episode "Blenanas", Ice King used the crown to discover where to find Ble Headquarters.

Thought Cannon Wand

Thought Cannon
The Thought Cannon Wand has the ability to make anything that it's user thinks become real. The wand, which appears to be a giant wooden stick with a star at the end of it, is activated when the user holds it like a rocket launder and pulls on a tiny branch on it's side, much like a trigger. Whatever the user was thinking about in the moment that the wand was used will then appear in front of them. In the episode "Graybles 1000+", it was revealed that it was buried by Finn and Jake in their yard for being too powerful. When using it, Jake accidentally made a sandwich appear, as did Cuber in order to avaid the Space Wedding People.