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Winterworld is one of the many universes in the Multiverse of Adventure Time. In this world, the Winter King rules over the Winter Kingdom, a winter wonderland routinely invaded by the Candy Queen, the insane, despotic ruler of the Candy Kingdom.


Conquering the Ice King's Crown[]

The history of Winterworld is mostly identical to the one of the Land of Ooo (notable exceptions include this world's Marceline being unaccounted for and Betty Grof having died 1000 years ago instead of being transported through a time window into Ooo) until one day, the Ice King cast a spell to offload the madness caused by his crown onto Princess Bubblegum, transforming her into the deranged Candy Queen. This allowed the Ice King to become the Winter King, who maintains Simon Petrikov's sanity and appearance, though he possesses a different voice.

100 Years Later[]

While escaping from Scarab, Fionna, Cake, and Simon Petrikov arrive in the Winterworld using Prismo's remote control. They are saved from Scarab by the Winter King, who shows them around his Winter Kingdom and explains how he "conquered" the madness of the crown 100 years ago through sheer will. Soon after, the kingdom is attacked by the Candy Queen, who kidnaps both Simon and the Winter King.

Fionna, Cake, and the Winter King's two Ice Scouts storm the Candy Kingdom and barely manage to save Simon and the Winter King from the Candy Queen's blender. As thanks, the Winter King accepts a kiss from Fionna. However, this causes the Winter King's crown to lose all of its magic. Without the magic that kept him immortal, the Winter King rapidly ages to dust, melting the Winter Kingdom and its denizens and lifting the spell off of the Candy Queen, turning her back into Princess Bubblegum. PB explains what truly happened 100 years ago and thanks the heroes for saving her from the Winter King. With the Ice King's crown powerless, and Scarab in close pursuit, Fionna, Cake, and Simon depart to the next universe.

By the time of "Cheers", the Winter Kingdom has mostly melted and created a lake when Simon temporarily returned while jumping through the multiverse.



  • The whereabouts or even the existence of this universe's versions of Finn and Jake remain unknown, as they were never seen nor mentioned in the episode.