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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Winter Light" from season 9, which aired on April 25, 2017.

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Okay, fellas.

Using these blueprints I acquired,

we're gonna take down Patient St. Pim

and rescue my new pal, Weird Lady.

But first, we have to crack through

the ice dome that covers the land,

avoid the Ice Kingdom peeps

who have all been turned into vicious ice mutants,

and sneak into the ice fortress without being ice‐detected.

We'll enter via the sewer line.

So, that's the only way in and out.

I never said that.

"Can you help Captain Tasty find the hidden" ‐‐

this is a place mat from a seafood restaurant!

And this word search is way too hard!

That's 'cause you ain't got spy skills like me.

With me, it's like,"Who's that hot guy?

The Ice King?"

No, it's not.

We're floating above Ice World now.


I made these sweaters and earmuffs for you guys.

They're bespoke!

And, they've got pictures of your best friend on them!

Finn: Thanks.

All right, men, we need ideas for how to breach that dome.

It's impervious to my skyhooks,

so we either burn, punch,or stab our way in.

Maybe there's some kind of weakpoint or secret entrance.

Right, right.


Good thinking.




Oh, my glob!!Okay. Think, Finn.

What would Rattleballs do?

He would...draw his sword,find a stress line in the dome,

and strike like a mighty scorpion!

Don't forget Ice King!

Turn into a parachute, Jake!

You got it!

[ Thud ]


Hold on. I got somethin'in the pack that'll help.

[ Objects rattling ]

Now, that's bespoke!

I never thought I'd think ofthe old ice kingdom as cheerful.

Brrr!It's a lot colder now, too.

I've got fur.

Take my sweater!

Whoa![ Laughs ]

Two Finns!


[ Gasps ]

[ Screams ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

Oh! [ Whimpers ]

Huh? Huh?

[ Sniffles ]

Oh, I get it.

The top one's fake.

Okay, pals.This‐a‐way.

Y'all's inthe Ice King's crib now!

This is crazy.

It's like beingat the bottom of an ocean.

Yeah,I'm feeling pretty weird.


Snow golem.

Ice clops.

"Ice to meet you."

Look out!


[ Sled crashes ]

What are you doing?!

This is my ‐‐

This is my house!



You've been turned into ice!

You better believe it, bucko!

You seem in good spirits,though.

Everyone else is sadand kind of empty.

I feel great.It sure beats the sky.

Boy, was I ever getting sickof bein' a cloud!

Everyone looking at me,saying things like,

"I think that looks likea sailboat!"

"I think that lookslike a bird!"

I'm a woman!Ice Carroll!

Who are those other dudes?

This is Simon, the Ice King.

And this is my brother, Jake.Hello.

Do you want to come with us?We're on a secret mission.

Uh, that's really nice of you,actually.

Where are y'all going?

We're going to getPatient St. Pim.

She's in Simon's fortress,and she's, like,

ruined the whole worldand all our friends.

Oh. On second thought,I think I'm gonna stay here

and draw some elvesand stuff.

You draw elves?

Yes, I draw elves!It's what I like to do!

Aw, she seems a lot coolerthan we are.



Your place got weird.

Lookin' good, Pengy!

‐Over here!‐Yup!

[ Ice shatters ]

It's not a sewer,but it will have to do.


♪ It's a humid night ♪

♪ The moon is getting fullagain ♪

♪ Somewhere there's a slight figure made of paraffin ♪

♪ And someone is turningits head ♪

♪ And someone is pullingits leg ♪

♪ It's maaaaaagic ♪

Jake?What's up with you?

[ Sobbing quietly ]

Oh, no.

Jake, you have an icicle.

You look like your kids.

[ Muttering ]My sweater.

Ah, back in my old basement,where it all began.


I don't think this isa basement anymore.

Cool boy says what?

[ Clears throat ]

Welcome to the party, sir.

May I take your coat?

Uh, I guess?

I don't know what I'm gonna dowith this but, whatevs.

Ice Carroll: That's them!

The garbage who said they were gonna take you out!


I'm sorry, Finn.

I've got a good thing going on here.

Patient St. Pim,undo this mess!

[ Growls ]


Cool boy!

[ Shivering ]Fix our home, Patience!

[ Sighs ] Even if I felt like it, I can't.

Let me show you.

The princesses and I are the elementals incarnate,

but the others didn't wantto play with me.

They denied their precious birthright.

So, I cast a mega‐spell

that tapped into their true selves.

But the spell worked too well.

Instead of embracing their powers,

they were over run by them.

I have distilled them into something monstrous.

[ Monotone voice ]Monstrous ‐‐ like life itself.

Okay, that all tracks.

But what happened to Betty?

I used her as a magic battery to power my spell.

My big, dumb spell.Ugh.

Enough of your mind games!

Tell us where you ‐‐Wait, is that shrimp?

Ooh, is there shrimp here?

Ooh hoo hoo hoo hoo![ Chomping ]

I planned this gorgeous balland shrimp buffet

to celebrate withthe other elementals,

but none of them came.

If you're so upset about this,you should fix it.

Fix it, don't fix it ‐‐

the universe is an abyss of suffering.

Y'all need to lighten up in here.

[ Murmuring ]


[ Chomping ]

[ Gulp ]

[ Sighs ]


Weird lady!

Raa![ Dishes shatter ]

[ Grunting ]

Best‐friends gang, retreat!

Ice King's ghosting, man.We gotta leave!

Everyone leaves except me.

I remember father made mestay at the table

until all the eggs were eaten.

Patience, let Jake go!

Patience St. Pim: Jake is now part of my Ice Dominion. He'll never leave here again.

Well, that sucks, and I hate it.

I'm just gonna take him anyway.

[ Sighs ]Whatever.

Achoose Goose.

Achoose Goose: The loose.

We've lost another friend, Achoose Goose.

There's no point in having friends

because everything will...ends.

My mystic soup is great for combating ice magic.

You sure put a magical amountof pepper in it.

Nothing's changed since we got you out of there.

I guess Patience doesn't need your magic to sustain it.

Yeah, I feel drained like a dirty bathtub.

Jake, how are you feeling?

This chicken soup does nothing

to warm the coldness of my heart.

‐Are you serious?‐Just kidding!

Man, there's got to be something we can do

about Patience's spell.

You know, ancient magic was actually my major.

And there is one artifact

that could potentially help us ‐‐

a book called"The Enchiridion."

With that, I could formulatea counter‐spell, and‐‐

We can't help you there.We blew that thing up.

Uh, actually,I might have grabbed

another Enchiridionfrom Farmworld Dimension.

[ Gasps ]

This biz is crazy powerful,though.

Well, I'm a little crazy now,so I'm willing to try.


[ Laughs ]

[ Laughing maniacally ]

[ Laughing ]

[ Both laughing ]