Winged Lemongrab Horse is the mount of Lemongrab 2, first seen in "You Made Me." Though it is just a mount, Winged Lemongrab Horse is one of the few inhabitants of Castle Lemongrab.


Much like Lemongrab, his clone, and his camel, the Winged Lemongrab Horse appears to be made of lemon candy. Like his lemon candy counterparts, Winged Lemongrab Horse's head is shaped like a lemon, although it is upside-down when compared to the others. It has two ear-like nubs on top. Winged Lemongrab Horse has a round, fat body, a thick neck, and small, black beady eyes. The Winged Lemongrab Horse also has wings which, presumably, allow it to fly. It has tiny, round toes and little feet, and a long skinny tail with a little lemon at the end. The Winged Lemongrab Horse appears to be smiling.


  • Jesse Moynihan refers to it as a "lemonegasus."[1]
  • The Winged Lemongrab Horse's head bears a resemblance to Eugene the Jeep, from the Popeye Comics and Cartoons of the 1930's and 1940's.



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