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Wild Trap Mountain makes its first appearance along with the inhabitants in "Normal Man". Finn and Jake escort Normal Man up the mountain while fighting off the traps in this episode.


The mountain is composed of dark rock, resembling boulders that are piled on top of each other. At the base of the mountain there are hot springs, suggesting that there is magma under the mountain.


Name Image Description


Squirrel The Squirrel that hates Jake seems to live in a tree near the top of this mountain.


S7e33 Normal Size Manticore Normal-sized Manticores also lurk on the mountain rocks and often complain about how they don't have any victims to prey on. Two of them are named Jonah and Luke.

Carnivore Plants

S7e33 Plant Carnivore Plants are snapping plants that can attack and feed on prey. They reside mainly on the bottom of the mountain.

Camouflaged Rock Beasts

S7e33 Rock person Camouflaged Rock Beasts are Rock People that attack foreigners of the Wild Trap Mountain. They lurk and camouflage themselves as a rock at the lower-parts of the mountain.

Mind Control Parasites

S7e33 Poison Mind Control Parasites are plants that shoot darts at their victims to hypnotize them and take control of their minds. After Finn got hit by a dart, he positioned his sword towards himself and attempted to plunge it into his heart, but Jake simply flicked the dart off Finn, which ended the hypnosis.

Archer Bandits

S7e33 Archer Bandits Archer Bandits are bandits that lurk near the top of the mountain with bows and arrows. They are killed by Jake in "Normal Man" when he deflects their arrows back at them.

That One Quiet Dude Nobody Messes With

Butt guy He is simply a dude who no one messes with.

Dragon Ghost

S7e33 Dragon The Dragon Ghost flies throughout the mountain and terrorizes people, though it doesn't seem to cause any actual harm.

Weekend Survivalists

S7e33 Weekend Survivalists The group of weekend survivalists is a hiking group that survive in this mountain. The Waking Dream Demons give them daymares in the episode "Normal Man".

Red Ants

S7e33 Red Ant These red ants will randomly crawl onto victims and bite them on this mountain.

Waking Dream Demons

S7e33 Angels Waking Dream Demons sit on top of rocks on the mountain and terrorize people such as the group of weekend survivalists by giving them daymares.

Unnamed hurdle-like trap


Unnamed shark mouth-like trap