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This article is about the character. You may be looking for the episode.

Whipple (full title: Whipple the Happy Dragon) is a minor character that makes his debut in the episode of the same name, where he was spotted running from pirates. After fighting off the aforementioned pirates, he quickly becomes friends with Finn and Jake. However, after spending more time with Whipple the crew grows irritated with him. BMO tells Whipple how annoying he is after listening to his ideas unwillingly, which provoked Whipple into destroying Princess Bubblegum's boat. Whipple would eventually return, and give the heroes a lift straight to the Islands after sympathizing with Finn.


Whipple features the similar elongated serpent-like body style found with other dragons, but a notable difference would be that Whipple is clearly suited for marine life. He is green, with his flippers being a darker shade of green and translucent to some extent. When summoning a vortex, Whipple's skin turns to a greenish-black, and his eyes become light-gray.


Whipple is extremely friendly, that is when he is not offended, and apologizes for inconveniencing Finn and Jake when he was about to be harmed. He is very sensitive, over-reacting both in excitement when shown kindness, and fury when someone has hurt his feelings. Despite this, Whipple goes on to express sympathy after Finn reveals his true feelings about being the only human, evident from Whipple warning Finn and Jake about the dangers that lurk ahead, and providing them a short cut passed it all, feeling sorry for wrecking their boat.


Whipple has the ability to control water, being able to create violent whirlpools that can tear apart and sink ships. He also possesses the ability to cause the whirlpools he creates to immediately subside. Whipple can also use his air bladder to blow a mighty wind that can carry things across vast distances. Another one of Whipple's powers involving hydrokinesis is the ability to create water spouts that have the unrealistic characteristic of being able to lift large sailboats out of the water and break them apart.