The Wet Pipes Water Park is a water park where Finn, Jake and Princess Bubblegum headed to in the episode "Water Park Prank." The Water Park has pools and slides that are made out of red pipes. It has a large crowd of orangutans and Whistle people are staffed in the water park. Princess Bubblegum teaches swimming lessons in this water park.In the episode "Water Park Prank," Finn and Jake prank the Ice King by blocking the slides with Jake as Ice King slides down.

This results in Ice King getting bounced back up which annoys him and the lifeguard. The lifeguard warns Ice King to go all the way down, but Ice King gets bounced back up multiple times. Ice King then assaults Finn for having something to do with the situation and this results in him getting banned.


The Water Park was actually a long disused chemical plant which the b'onangutans falsely recognised on the hazard warning signs everywhere and assumed the place was an ancient water park constructed by their bald ancestors. The b'orangutans have since painted ginger hair over all the surviving signs.


Water Slide with Jake blocking

The slide being blocked by Jake


Slides are red, long and twisty in the Wet Wipes Water Park. They have a small rectangular moat at the end of the slide to slow down sliders. People also need to go up white stairs in order to slide back down the ride again.

Locker Room

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 12.24.24 PM

The shower door locker room water park

The blue locker room consists of benches, lockers and shower area. The lockers are opened with a key and needs a coin to be put in the lock mechanic to close the locker. Once opened after use, the person may claim his coin back.


Reception in water park

The reception area has a desk and a whistle person as a receptionist behind the desk. The desk says "Reception," and has a pamphlet tray on it. Behind the desk is a ban list, a stapler, tape, a camera, pencils, a watch, goggles and a computer.

Viewing Gallery

Stands in Water Park Prank

The viewing gallery are stands where people can sit if they are not using the facilities. It is a stand with long rows of benches.

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 12.36.42 PM

A swimming lesson going on in the pool


The pools are located at the bottom area of the water park where Princess Bubblegum teaches swimming lessons.



A lifeguard at the top of the slide insures that people follow the rules. Sliders must always reach the bottom of the slide without stopping and climbing back up. They must wait until the person before them reaches end safely before sliding down. They cannot slide down stairs, run or queue jump. Finally, they must not assault other sliders as this may result to a lifetime ban from the water park.

Ban List

A ban list is pasted behind the receptionist area to make sure that the people who were banned from the water park don't come back.

Ban list featured in the credits "--Water Park Prank--
  1. ​Donny : Banned for life
  2. Magic Man: Banned
  3. Squirrel: Banned
  4. Tiffany: Banned
  5. Lumpy Space Princess: Banned
  6. Lemongrab: Banned
  7. Ricardio: Banned
  8. Ice King: Banned for life due to assaulting a person.     


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