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"Web Weirdos" is the third episode in the fourth season of Adventure Time. It's the eighty-first episode overall.


When Finn gets trapped in a giant spider web, he ends up playing marriage counselor to a couple of grumpy arachnids.


Finn and Jake are walking on a trail in the woods when suddenly Jake decides to perform a series of acrobatic moves. Finn, amazed by the stunts, attempts to do some of his own, but they are much less spectacular than Jake's. When Finn meets up with Jake he claims he found a vertical trampoline, but Finn points out that it is actually a spider web. He attempts to "stunt" Jake out of the web, but gets caught himself. The two discuss ways to escape. Finn suggests using his nails, but they had been cut earlier, as shown in a flashback. Jake decides he is going to take a nap and wait for Finn's nails to grow. Two flies caught in the same web warn Finn of their impending death.

The owners of the web, two large spiders named Ed and Barb return, arguing amongst themselves. They notice Finn and Jake trapped in the web, and the argument escalates rapidly when Ed complains that due to Barb's difficulty spinning webs, he has to do all of the work. Barb gets upset and runs away when Ed insults her web spinning skills and her embarrassment at spinning in front of him. Ed then proceeds to spin webbing, putting Jake inside a web cocoon, "saving him for later." The process of which grosses out Finn. Ed realizes that his way of approaching conflict is ruining his marriage. Finn tries to offer marriage advice but Ed is skeptical because he assumes that Finn is only doing it to try and escape. As Jake wakes up, Ed grabs a fly to eat. The terrified fly exclaims, "Oh glob! It's all over!" which prompts Finn to stop Ed and try to save the fly. Finn tells Ed that he will eat the fly to prove that he is not simply trying to escape. The fly protests until Finn whispers into its ear that he is only going to pretend to eat him. He pretends to chew the fly, who provides fake screams of terror, and Ed is convinced.

Ed asks Finn for some advice and Jake suggests he get his wife a gift to apologize. Ed agrees and walks into the forest in an attempt to find a good gift for his wife. With Ed gone, Finn then spits out the fly hiding in his mouth. The fly tries to escape, but immediately falls back into the web and gets stuck again. Finn then tells Jake that he has a dumb idea: an escape plan. Ed, still searching in the forest, complains aloud to himself about how all his friends already have kids and his wife treats him like a dingus. He then comes across a glowing sword in the hands of a Dead Knight which he thinks will be a perfect gift, so he takes the sword and runs back to his web to show it to his wife.

Finn's "dumb idea" is revealed to be attempting to shoot down a bird with his spit and use the fallen bird's beak as a cutting tool. He finally hits one and he catches it; the camera zooms out to reveal he had missed the catch many times before he actually caught the bird, spit-covered birds littering the ground around the web. He begins to use the beak of the bird to cut the web when Barb comes back and notices them trying to escape. Ed returns with his sword and presents it to his wife, but Barb dislikes the sword and assumes that Ed got the gift for himself, further increasing the tension in their relationship. Ed cuts the web, releasing the food he caught in spite of Barb who said she did not need it. Ed claims Barb is dependent on him for food, as she cannot spin her own webs due to some unknown dysfunction. Barb attacks him in anger, telling Ed that she will eat him instead.

Finn escapes the scene with Jake, but goes back to help Ed even though Jake says Finn should mind his own business. Finn distracts Barb from Ed and ends up battling her alone. She pins Finn to a wall and opens her jaw wide, about to eat him. Jake comes and asks Finn what's going on. Barb begins to try and spin a web, but strains and begins to moan in pain. Ed, confused and worried, asks if she is OK. Instead of silk, she ejects a giant egg sac; her inability to spin webs was due to her being pregnant. The sac bursts and millions of Baby Spiders rain down from the exploded egg sac. Barb, overjoyed, says that they can make a new start, and kisses Ed, reconciling. With the two spiders in love, Finn and Jake get buried in baby spiders but Jake dismisses it as just a part of the circle of life. However for Finn, who was grossed out, screamed and tried to escape from the pool of baby spiders.


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  • Giant Spider Web


  • In the beginning of the episode, Finn is not as agile as he is in other episodes.
  • In the sword found by Ed, there are some glyphs, those are letters of the runic alphabet "futhark". The letters can be translated to (starting from the top):
    • "I AM A SKELETON" on the left, and
    • "I WISH I HAD SKIN" on the right
  • The snail in this episode can barely be seen because it is covered up by the Cartoon Network HD logo, but appears under the normal logo on SD channels.
  • The web spinning sound made by Ed was changed to sound less like "bowel movements" after the first showing of this episode.

Episode connections

  • When Barb is beating up Ed, the title card music for the episode "The Creeps" plays.
  • The title card music for the episode has the same music of the "Hot to the Touch" title card.
  • In the previous episode "Five Short Graybles" Finn and Jake's list after spying on BMO reads, "cut fingernails," and relates to this episode.

Cultural references


  • When Finn and Jake leave after Ed releases them, the sword is seen stuck on the ground, but when Finn comes back, the sword is lying on the ground. It also moves between scenes.
  • When Ed comes back with the sword, we can see a bird in Finn's hand. But the bird flew away just before.
  • When Finn is fake eating the insect, the bug is lying on his tongue, despite him being upside down.



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