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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "We Fixed a Truck" from season 5, which aired on October 21, 2013.

This transcript is complete.


[The episode begins in the Grass Lands. Finn is pushing a truck and sings "Oh, It's Just My Luck!" He arrives at the Tree Fort and honks the truck's horn.]
Jake: [opens an upstairs window] What?
BMO: What's happening?
Jake: Whoa! [picks up BMO and stretches them down to Finn] Where did ya get this baby? [rubs truck]
Finn: I found it in the woods. I named it "Hot Daniel." Anyway, I figured we could do some pretty sick stuff with it.
Jake: Oh, yeah? Like what?
Finn: Hmm. I don't know. Launch it off some ramps, maybe get it going thirty miles per hour, crank the wheel into a gnar right-hander, spray dirt everywhere like a big hurkin' dirt wave?
Jake: Yeah, buddy! [gives thumbs up] Nice! Let's crank this beast up.
Finn: Can't—engine's busted, I think.
Jake: Nuts. BMO, you know anything about cars?
[BMO's screen displays a flashlight waving back and forth above a progress bar labeled "SEARCHING." When the search completes, a buzzer sounds and "∅ RESULTS RETURNED" is displayed.]
BMO: Nope.
Finn: Hmm. Maybe... [shouts to upstairs window] Ice King, you know anything about cars?
Ice King: Nope. Not a car guy—too confusing. Got better things to do with my life.
Finn: Hmm.
Jake: Wait... I know someone who's good with mechanics.
[Scene changes to Banana Man running toward them while carrying a radio and a six-pack.]
Banana Man: Hey! Hey, guys! Hi!
Jake: Hey, Banana Man.
Banana Man: Wow! I haven't seen you fellas since you destroyed my home, my land, and my rocket.
Finn: Aw, jeez, yeah. Sorry, Banana Man—just sorta happened.
Banana Man: Don't worry about it! Feh! Bygones! I'm just excited you called me over. We're neighbors. We should help each other out. I got the soda and the jams.
Finn, Jake, & BMO: Cool!
Banana Man: [opens hood] I see the problem. The top of your engine is gone, specifically, the cylinder head.
Finn: Hm. Okay. That word sounds cool... but what does it mean?
Banana Man: Let me explain. [backs up as the background changes to a diagram] The cylinder head is the top to the cylinder block. [points to cylinder head] Think of the cylinder head as an airtight lid to your engine that regulates air, fuel, and exhaust.
Finn: Okay. Cool. Informative. [whispers to Jake] What is he pointing at?
Banana Man: Now this lid is important because it works to get fuel into your engine. [clears throat] You see, your engine has cylinders, and these cylinders are pistons. When the piston in the cylinder moves down, it creates a vacuum, pulling in fuel from the intake.
BMO: You mean an air-fuel mixture?
Banana Man: That's right, BMO. [puts a sticker on it] Have a gold star, dear.
BMO: Yay! BMO is so pretty and smart!
Banana Man: Then the piston returns to the top, compressing the air-fuel mixture. Then a spark plug fires off, creating an explosion, driving the piston back down, powering the engine. [clears throat]
Finn: Sweet. So where's the cylinder head, then?
Banana Man: Hmm. Well, sometimes people store parts they're working on in the car. [walks over to the bed of the truck and finds the part] Ah! Bingo! [brings it to Finn and Jake] Found it.
Finn: Yeah! Drive time!
Banana Man: Well... n-not quite. We don't know why they took the cylinder head off. Uh, it could be cracked, the gasket head could be warped, the rod bearings could have damage from water—you see, that's the cool thing about cars. [clears throat] One tiny little thing messes everything else up so nothing works! So it's up to us to figure it out!
Finn: Cool.
Jake: Yeah, alright.
[Banana Man places his radio on top of the truck and turns it on. A montage begins while "Hanging Out Forever" plays, and the four fix various parts of the truck. They watch the sunset while drinking soda.]
Jake: Whoo. I'm bushed. You guys wanna pick this up again in the mornin'?
Finn: Sure.
Banana Man: Sounds good!
BMO: Not BMO. This grease monkey's torqued up on automotive styles. [crush can on head] Yeah, [throws can] boyee!
Finn: Okay, BMO. Good night, Banana Man.
Banana Man: Have a good evening, gents.
[The three walk off as BMO replaces its batteries and gets out a blowtorch and mask.]
BMO: Time for the night shift. [turns on blowtorch]
Starchie (on radio): It's ten past the hour, and this is Graveyard Shift, hosted by me, Starchie the Gravedigger, your weekly five-hour dose of all the strange haints, phantasmagoria, and phenomena I see working in the Candy Kingdom Graveyard. Hello, caller. You're on the Graveyard Shift.
Banana Guard (on radio): What? Am I—oh, hi! Um, longtime listener, first-time caller. So, uh, I think Princess Bubblegum has been replaced by, like, a lizard person.
BMO: A lizard? [starts drawing a picture]
Banana Guard: Yeah, a lizard. I love your show.
Starchie: Oh, Starchie is very interested in this topic. What led you to this discovery, caller?
BMO: [laughs] They are wrong! You look more like a hippo than a lizard.
Banana Guard: Well, um, my friend is a very highly-placed official in the Candy Kingdom, and I've noticed—
Banana Man: Hi, BMO.
BMO: [yelps] Stay back, lizard!
Banana Man: Sorry, BMO. I-I didn't mean to startle you. I couldn't sleep. I kept thinking about the truck... and biodiesel! Oh, and I figured out what's wrong with the engine block. So what are you working on?
BMO: Aerodynamics.
Banana Man: Swe-e-e-et! You know, it's been really nice hanging with you fellas and working on the car. [pats the roof of the truck] It gets a little lonely at my space-age banana dome.
BMO: You don't have a girlfriend?
Banana Man: No. I-I don't want to be alone, but... I've gotten pretty good at it. I putter around the house, keeping busy with my little projects. But it would be nice to find someone.
[BMO puts the star sticker on Banana Man's forehead.]
Starchie: Hold up. Princess? Is that you? [click] Ah, spooky.
[BMO and Banana Man look up at the stars, and the scene changes to morning with Banana Man sleeping in the truck. Finn arrives with some coffee.]
Finn: Yo, BMO. Coffee.
BMO: Thank you. ["drinks" it]
Finn: Car looks nice, BMO.
Jake: Yeah.
Banana Man: [snores] [wakes up] Uh! Ah! I fixed it! Are we best friends yet?! Oh. Oh, hey. I-I fixed it.
Finn: [gives thumbs up] N-i-i-i-i-i-ice.
Banana Man: I discovered the cylinder head was warped so I went to the junkyard and got a new one. [brings it out] Bingo.
Finn: Whoo.
[Another montage begins while the "Manlorette Party" song plays, and the four continue working on the truck. They go to the Breakfast Kingdom to get some cooking grease, pour it into a jug with some milk, and Jake shakes it.]
Jake: Biodiesel.
[They pour the fuel into the tank, take off the roof of the truck, and Jake puts some plants in the bed as the song ends. Banana Man takes a deep, nervous breath, puts the key into ignition, turns it, and pushes a red button. The engine turns over, and the truck spits out some black smoke from the exhaust pipe.]
Finn, Jake, BMO, and Banana Man: Yeah!
[They drive toward the Candy Kingdom while going off a ramp and making "dirt waves."]
Finn: Awesome!
Banana Man: [laughs] [sees a female Banana Guard] Yow-ee-wow. [stops truck] She's beautiful.
Jake: Well, then go over and talk to her.
BMO: Yeah, come on, Banana Man! You're lonely!
Banana Man: Oh, no, that's okay. Having someone to love takes up time I could use to work on stuff.
Jake: That's the craziest thing I ever heard. [stretches his arm to the wheel and his foot to the gas pedal and drives the truck over to the guard] Pardon me, miss. My friend here is super smart, and he rebuilt this truck.
BMO: He's very smart and very single!
Female Banana Guard: [uncertainly] Okay...
Jake: Anyway, his name is Banana Man. If you like what you see, give him a call.
[They drive into the Candy Kingdom while spraying dirt in the guard's face.]
Female Banana Guard: [growls angrily]
[They stop to let a mob of Candy People chasing Princess Bubblegum pass by.]
Princess Bubblegum: He-e-e-elp m-e-e-e-e-e-e!
Finn: We gotta save Bubblegum!
BMO: No, Finn! She's a lizard!
Jake: You gotta stop listening to all those conspiracy shows. [twists his head] They twist up your noodle so you can't tell what's real.
[They follow the mob. Jake stretches his arms in front of the truck and separates the crowd so they can drive through.]
Finn: Look, there she is!
Jake: [picks up Princess Bubblegum and places her in the bed of the truck] You want some tea?
Princess Bubblegum: [pants] Sure!
[The teapot whistles, and Jake pours some tea.]
Princess Bubblegum: Thanks, Jake.
Finn: So, what's up with the angry mob, PB?
Princess Bubblegum: Oh, they think I've been replaced with an evil lizard replicant. It's sheer nonsense.
BMO: [holding a bug] Eat this bug!
["Princess Bubblegum" grabs it with her tongue, eats it, hisses, and begins transforming.]
Finn, Jake, & BMO: [scream]
[Jake pushes the lizard out of the back of the truck.]
Lizard: [roars] [starts destroying the Princess Bubblegum's castle]
Finn: [turns the car around] Punch it, 'Nana Man!
[Banana Man floors the gas pedal. Finn stands on the hood of the car as it approaches the lizard. He takes off Banana Man's peel and throws it under the front wheel of the truck, causing it to spin rapidly. The truck hits a ramp and launches toward the lizard as the four eject from the truck. Jake grabs the others and transforms into a ball to protect them.]
Princess Bubblegum: [comes out of a manhole and sees Jake bouncing by] What the fridge?
[The flaming remains of the truck fall toward her, but she gets out of the way. Jake unfolds himself as a crowd a Candy People surround them and murmur appreciatively.]
Princess Bubblegum: Finn, Jake! Reptilian synthoid replicants are trying to take over the kingdom!
Finn: Yeah. We know.
BMO: Kill it!
Princess Bubblegum: No, no! I'm the real one!
BMO: [crosses arms] Hmm...
Female Banana Guard: Hey, speedy. [pokes Banana Man with staff] You're comin' with me.
Banana Man: What? Really?
Female Banana Guard: Mm-hmm... 'cause you ain't got enough peel on that 'nanner! You're under arrest for public indecency!
[Scene changes to Banana Man, in cuffs, being taken away. The female Banana Guard gooses him. Finn, Jake, and Princess Bubblegum wave goodbye.]
Jake: Bye, Banana Man!
BMO: [cries] It's not fair!
Princess Bubblegum: It's okay, BMO. It's a very mild offense.
BMO: It's not like that! Hot Daniel is dead!
[Finn and Jake close their eyes and give thumbs up.]

Episode ends