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"Wake Up" is the first episode in the sixth season of Adventure Time. It's the one hundred and fifty-seventh episode overall.


Prismo helps Finn and Jake commit a cosmic-level crime in order to access the Crystal Citadel to meet Finn's father.


The episode begins with Jake partying at the Time Room with Prismo and The Cosmic OwlDeathPeppermint Butler, and Party God. Jake talks to Prismo after he runs out on cheese crackers and then they bump into Peppermint Butler and Death. Peppermint Butler asks Prismo if it is safe for Grob Glob Gob Grod to be taking "selfies" with the unconscious Lich, to which Prismo replies that ever since he is stuck in the Time Room since his last wish, The Lich had been in a paralyzed state because he could not fulfill his ultimate goal of mass death. Jake then suddenly remembers about Finn, after asking Clock Face what time it was and goes to the tree fort after giving Prismo a high five.

At the tree fort, Jake finds Finn in deep thought and asks Finn about it. Finn tells him that he found out about his human dad being held at a place called The Citadel and began wondering why he left him abandoned in the woods. As they tell each other about their different ideas, Jake suggests going to Prismo for help.

Finn and Jake go to Prismo and find Cosmic Owl and Prismo playing Card Wars. Finn and Jake begin to talk to Prismo about the Citadel and after hearing that, the surprised Prismo shows them the conditions of Citadel's prisoners. After some time, Cosmic Owl leaves for some reason (probably because he overheard them discussing about committing a cosmic crime, with him being the Cosmic Owl). Jake then says that since they had used their wishes he brought Shelby along to make the wish for him, but Shelby wishes for a pony for his girlfriend instead and goes back into Jake's ear from where he came. Prismo tells them the wish would not be useful anyways and explains that you cannot wish yourself into the Citadel. Prismo explains to Finn that to gain access to the Citadel, one must commit a "cosmic crime," and to do so, all Finn needed to do was to bring a sleeping old man to Prismo's dimension, without waking him up. Prismo gives Finn and Jake pen-lights. Finn and Jake then set out to find the sleeping man which Prismo said was located on a rock that looked like an upside-down duck.

Once they reach the rock, Finn and Jake find the old man sleeping in a hut. They take the old man on his bed back to Prismo's dimension, but on the way they accidentally wake him up a little and the old man begins emitting strange black beings that can be vanquished by the light of the pen-lights. They vanquish the beings and safely reach the Time Room. Upon arriving, Prismo tells them to wake the old man up and this surprises Finn and Jake, as he had told them before to not wake him up. Prismo then comments that he wanted to see 'himself' before they wake the man up, puzzling Finn and Jake.

Prismo explains that he is nothing more than the manifestation of a dream being had by the old man. He then says that if the man had woken up, Prismo would cease to exist, and would not be in existence until the man fell back asleep in 1000 years. And also that killing a wish master would be a "cosmic crime" capable of sending them to the Citadel. Jake did not want to kill his best friend and starts an argument but Prismo persuades him to do so.

Suddenly, the Lich springs to life and grabs the old man, waking him and causing Prismo to disappear. Prismo then says he changed his plans but disappears before saying anymore. The Lich then observes the Old Man Prismo with fury in his eyes. The old man does not remember any of his dreams, and says he wants to go back home and take a nap, and asks The Lich if he is his son. The Lich was infuriated by Prismo as his wish was not granted by him, so he blows toxic gas into the old man's nose, turning him into dust. This causes Jake to become enraged at his friend's death. However, before Jake can act, a Citadel Guardian appears from a portal and imprisons the Lich in a crystal cell and starts to take him away, but not before Finn and Jake chase after the Lich.


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  • Peppermint Butler and Death are revealed to be afraid of the Lich.
  • It is revealed that Party God did not die when Ice King smashed him in the head with a frozen cloud and threw him into outer space in "The Party's Over, Isla de Señorita."
  • The hissing sound effects of the strange black beings were used in the Adventure Time Theme Song, when Marceline was hissing.
  • It is revealed that one of the Nymph's real name is Denise.
  • It is also noticeable that the strange, black things looked similar to Prismo, as they had a 2D body but were black in color.
  • Old Man Prismo thought the Lich was his son, which may imply that he could have a son.

Episode connections[]

Cultural references[]

  • Grob, Gob, Glob, and Grod use a smartphone to take a selfie, which is a popular trend, with the unconscious Lich as a souvenir. The smartphones are later seen in Season 6 in "Furniture & Meat," "Princess Day," and "The Pajama War."
  • This episode includes a "floating island" that "kinda looks like a duck." This may be a reference to the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, which has been described as looking like a rubber ducky. 

Production notes[]

  • This episode, along with "Escape from the Citadel" is the season 6 premiere.
  • The song played in the preview is "Cat's in the Cradle" by Harry Chapin that tells about a father and son relationship.
  • The Lich was edited out of the scene with Clock Face in the previews.
  • This was the first new episode to air at Adventure Time's new time, 6 PM (Eastern Standard Time). The move is a result of Adult Swim moving its start time an hour earlier to 8:00 PM.
  • Jake asks a clock head person the time, even though Time doesn't exist within Prismo's dimension.
  • The reason for the Lich's idleness is that his previous plan to provoke mass-death was foiled by Jake's wish in "Jake the Dog." When he heard about the prisoners of the Crystal Citadel, he saw another chance, and thus planned to kill Prismo to get trapped and then release all the cosmic criminals, hoping for them to kill more people.



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