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Viola is a pup and fourth sibling of Jake and Lady Rainicorn's five children. She is an aspiring actress, as seen in "Summer Showers" and mentioned in a deleted scene from the beginning of "Ocarina."


Viola has a unicorn-like body like her mother, albeit much shorter. She is always shown wearing a flower on her head, and she has a single sharply-pointed white horn. She also has a blonde tail. Viola is a pastel orange-peach color with various circular pastel colors on her stomach. She has a nose shaped like a yellow heart.

As an "adult," Viola is shown to have more pronounced features that combine elements of both her parents, with a longer Rainicorn-like upper mouth ending in a dog-like nose, a shorter, dog-like jaw, and long ears.

Besides her original appearance as a baby, Viola has some different outfits while depicted as an "adult."

  • In "Apple Wedding," she is seen wearing a yellow flower, purple pearl necklace, purple dress, and dark purple shoes. In addition, she is also carrying a dark purple purse.
  • In "Ocarina" and "Summer Showers," she wears a blue flower on her head, pink tank top, white necklace with a red gem in the middle, fuchsia skirt, and a pair of fuchsia shoes.


Viola has the ability to teleport herself or others from one place to another, as well as change colors using her horn, the ability to combine into super pup with her siblings, make a whirlwinds as super pup with her siblings, act, create special effects including accurate rain, High quality memory, and fly like her mother, using her tail as a propeller.



Even though Jake visits her less often and rarely ever speaks to her, Viola loves him and thinks he is the best father in the world. She often rebukes insults against Jake.

In "Summer Showers," Jake expresses pride in Viola getting a job as an actress, and inadvertently puts pressure on her by expressing doubts in his abilities as a dad, but noting her getting this role (which she has not actually gotten) means he's done something right. He appears to be very encouraging to Viola, though she also appears to have some insecurities about living up to his belief in her. On opening night, he applauds her performance (along with making the rest of the audience "clap" for her with his stretchy powers) and expresses even more pride when he finds out her original job was to do special effects for the play. The episode ends with him and Viola repeatedly complimenting each other.

Lumpy Space Princess[]


Lumpy Space Princess served as Viola's boss in "Summer Showers." Though she ran roughshod over Viola, making her perform such tasks as drawing raindrops to get them "right" for a scene of a character coming in from the rain, Viola learned a great deal from working on Lumpy Space Princess' play. However, Viola grew fed up enough with Lumpy Space Princess' bossiness that she teleported her to Ice King's lair when Lumpy Space Princess attempted to take over the lead role in the play herself when Tree Trunks had to drop out on opening night. Despite her anger over Viola's actions, Lumpy Space Princess was ultimately impressed with Viola's raindrop-creation for the play, and to a lesser extent her performance.


  • As with two of the other pups, her name is possibly a reference to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, where three of the protagonists' names were Charlie Bucket (Charlie), Violet Beauregarde (Viola), and Mike Teavee (TV). Her name could also be a reference to the fact that Jake and Lady Rainicorn both enjoy playing viola.
  • In "Jake the Dad," she says her only lines together with the other pups. She doesn't have her own dialogue until the episode "Ocarina."
  • In "Apple Wedding" she has grown but is slightly younger than in "Ocarina" and "Summer Showers" since she is much shorter and does not have eyelashes.
  • The gem on her necklace is red and has a square facet similar to Ruby from Steven Universe.

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수학! [suhag!]

—"Jake the Dad"

아빠 몸체이동! [abba momche idong!]
Move Dad into body!

—"Jake the Dad"

무지개 뱅! [mujigae baeng!]
Rainbow bang!

—"Jake the Dad"

Hmm? Oh, yes. That's very interesting.

—Viola's first English dialogue in the show in "Ocarina"

You hush, Junior. You know Dad's a wonderful cook.



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