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This article is about the villagers in "The Visitor." You may be looking for the Fat Villagers from "The Monster."

The Villagers appear in the episode "The Visitor" where they help Martin build a spaceship after he crash-lands near their Farming Village. The Villagers form an agricultural community where they live primarily off of corn and water.


They are round, ankle-high creatures that all white except for their noses, which vary in color. Aside from their noses, the Villagers look nearly identical as they do not wear clothing. However, a few individuals are seen having an eye-patch or band-aid.


The Villagers are very kind and open to everyone, even outsiders. They enjoy snuggling and interacting with others. They also are generous as they gladly offer Finn water after he wakes up from his two day sleepwalk. Despite their friendly nature, some Villagers are expected not to talk to strangers and are verbally disciplined if they do so.

However, the Villagers are so friendly to the point that they sacrifice their own well being in favor of assisting others. This is seen when they help Martin, who is posing as a "tree spirit", rebuild his ship. Although they don't truly believe in the existence of a spirit, the Villagers are still willing to perform difficult and dangerous tasks for Martin to the very end.


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  • One of the villagers' names is Lionel.