The village appears in "The Monster." Its inhabitants were on the verge of starvation because Lumpy Space Princess kept eating their crops. They are short and wear torn clothes. The village has a windmill on a hill and fields of crops. After Lumpy Space Princess gives the villagers sandwiches, she returns to Lumpy Space.

The Village is seen again in "Marceline The Vampire Queen" after a demon starts killing the fat villagers' animals, they mistake Marceline for it. Later that night while she is in a field, the villagers tie her to the windmill and try to burn her using sunlight.


S07e06 windmill.png

The village's windmill is where Lumpy Space Princess hides after she takes the crops. It is also a place where the Fat Villagers can rest or hide during threatening times. Inside it is what seems to be a washing machine, an oven, an old-looking telephone on top of a fridge, a couch with a retractable bed, some television screens with speakers, and what looks like a pile of scattered bones.


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