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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Video Makers" from season 2, which aired on April 18, 2011.

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[The episode starts in the Tree Fort; Finn and Jake are laughing; Finn is pouring drinks into cups]
Jake: Don't forget LSP's diet cola.
Finn: I won't. I really do love Finn and Jake Movie Club.
[They walk into the living room where Princess Bubblegum, BMO, Lady Rainicorn, Marceline, Tree Trunks, Shelby and Lumpy Space Princess are hanging out]
Finn: Okay, everybody. Apple juice for Tree Trunks. [She takes the juice] Diet soda for LSP.
Lumpy Space Princess: [Taking the soda] Ehh.
Finn: What did you order, PB?
Princess Bubblegum: Oh, I brought my own. [Shows a drink that has a face]
Finn: Huh.
Jake: Ice latte for my lady. [Gives Lady her drink]
Finn: Tomato juice for Marceline. [Gives it to Marceline, who's floating in midair]
Marceline: Thanks, Finn.
Finn: Hot cocoa for BMO.
BMO: [Takes the cocoa] This does compute.
Finn: And finally, a thimble of milk for Shelby, the worm who lives in Jake's viola.
Shelby: You can just call me Shelby.
Finn: Jake...
Jake: We're so excited that you could be here tonight for Finn and Jake's Movie Club's feature presentation...
[Finn shuffles himself by Jake]
Finn & Jake: Heat Signature 3.
Marceline: Oh, with the submarine?
Princess Bubblegum: Sounds great.
Lady Rainicorn: 재밌겠는데? (It looks like funny)
Lumpy Space Princess: Get on with it!
[BMO puts the movie in a hologram and it begins playing, LSP flies over to Finn and Jake]
LSP: Princess Bubblegum's in my seat.
Finn: We decided last time: No reserved seating. First come, first served.
[Princess Bubblegum, lying in the chair, shrugs at Lumpy Space Princess]
LSP: Grr. [Sips her drink]
[A copyright warning comes up on the screen]
Princess Bubblegum: What's that?
Finn: Just stuff that comes at the beginning of the movies.
Jake: Yeah, that's on all the movies we dig up.
Princess Bubblegum: I don't know. It seems pretty important, Finn.
Finn: Alright, let's take a look.
[Finn an Jake go up to the screen]
Jake: Pause, BMO.
Finn & Jake: "Warning. Federal law provides severe and criminal penalties for the unauthorized exhibition of copyrighted motion pictures."
[Finn and Jake look nervous; the scene cuts to Finn and Jake putting everyone out]
Finn: Alright, well, goodbye.
Jake: Sorry we had to cancel. [They close the door]
Finn: We've been showing these films unauthorized.
Jake: But these movies are before the Great Mushroom War.
Finn: We should still respect authority, mang.
[The members of Finn and Jake Movie Club are yelling outside; Finn opens the door]
Finn: Yeah?
Princess Bubblegum: Are we meeting next week to watch a movie?
Finn: Uhh... Uh, yeah. Maybe. I think so.
LSP: Finn, don't cancel movie club! I've literally been having the time of my life.
Lady Rainicorn: 아, 너무 좋았는데. ("Oh, I enjoyed that so much!")
Finn: Calm down, y'all. We're gonna have Finn and Jake Movie Club next week for sure. Jake and I just have to find a movie without that warning.
[The club members are happy and leave]
Jake: Dude, we've never found a movie without that warning.
Finn: We're not gonna find a movie, Jake.
[In the Tree Fort's treasure room, Finn is digging through a pile of gold coins]
Jake: Well, what are we gonna do?
Finn: [Finds a camera and gasps] We're gonna make one!
Jake: Wowp!
[Cut to the next scene; in a clearing, BMO has the camera on his head and Finn and Jake have megaphones made of paper]
Finn & Jake: Movie filming time!
Finn: Okay, BMO. Turn to your right, and start filming.
Jake: Start to truck in. Keep going. Keep truckin' in, BMO.
[BMO goes up to a couple of Candy People]
Candy People: Huh?
Finn: That was awesome, BMO.
Jake: Yeah. Fantastic, super.
[Next, they are following Lollipop Girl kicking a glass ball]
Jake: Don't lose her, BMO!
Finn: Front shot! Front shot! Film the clouds. Don't forget the little one.
[BMO zooms in on the little one. Next scene, they are filming a marshmallow water a garden]
Jake: BMO! BMO, you're gonna miss it! Over there to your right.
[Cinnamon Bun jumps over a bucket laughing]
[Next scene, Mr. Candy Cane is rolling coins down a brick wall by a river]
Finn: Oh, we're gonna miss it. Hurry, BMO!
[Mr. Candy Cane flicks another coin and BMO follows it]
Finn: Don't lose it. Oh, it looks like it's gonna fall. Follow it!
Jake: Look over there. Across the river.
Finn: BMO, forget about the coin. Film that over there!
[Two Candy People are using sticks to hold up a strawberry over another Candy Person's mouth]
Finn: Zoom in. [BMO does] Weird. Let's get some more footage.
[They get clips of Cinnamon Bun smashing a wood block with a hammer, Tall Cupcake painting Mr. Candy Cane, Cinnamon Roll whistling, a Candy Person girl spinning around, a Candy Person picnic, Red Ice Cream Sandwich chewing gum, a blue cupcake punching a giant book, and finally, a Ice Cream Man putting hats on instruments, the scene changes to Finn and Jake watching the clip on BMO at the Tree Fort]
[In the clip]
Ice Cream: Like that?
Finn & Jake: Yeah, perfect.
Ice Cream: Are you, are you sure?
Finn & Jake: Yeah, look great.
Ice Cream: W-w-wait. How about this?
Finn & Jake: That's even better!
[Clip ends]
Finn: Uhh, what do you think?
Jake: I don't get it. It's just a bunch of random junk.
Finn: Yeah, I'm not engaged. I need to see something that reflects life as it is, but, you know, entertaining.
Jake: Yeah, like a romantic comedy.
Finn: Exactly. An action adventure.
Jake: Wait, that's not what I said.
Finn: Let's get to filming!
[At a waterfall, Slime Princess at the top of the waterfall]
Finn: [Through his megaphone] Okay, Slime Princess! In this scene, you're gonna leap over to that vine, swim over the crocodiles, do a triple flip with a full twist and land clean. Don't fall in the water, or you'll get eaten alive. Action!
[Slime Princess jumps and falls into the water where crocodiles leap at her, Finn and Jake are mouth agape, a crocodile rises out of the water with Slime Princess kissing its snout]
Finn: No! No smooching! Cut.
Jake: I thought it was great.
Finn: No, we can't use any of it.
Jake: I think we should use all of it.
Finn: No, not all. We should throw away the parts where Slime Princess was smoochin'. That was dumb.
Jake: What?
Finn: Duuuumb-ah. [Pronouncing the "b"]
[In a clearing, Lumpy Space Princess and Peppermint Butler are at a picnic setting]
Jake: Okay, you're having a picnic, you're in love but you can't admit it. So you're having a playful food fight. And action.
[Peppermint Butler throws a piece of cake at Lumpy Space Princess]
LSP: Why did you do that?
[Lumpy Space Princess throws macaroni and cheese at Peppermint Butler; he throws ice cream at her and it becomes an all out food fight]
Jake: Cut! Cut! Cut! Cut, that was not what I wanted!
Finn: That was awesome! We need to shoot more stuff like that.
Jake: [Sigh] What's next?
[In the next scene, BMO is in a hole by a frog tied to a chariot, Finn is positioning the frog and adjusting the camera; Princess Bubblegum is standing on the side of the frog]
Finn: Okay PB, move back a little. [She does] Stop. [Repositions the frog and the chariot]
Princess Bubblegum: Finn.
Finn: Yeah.
Princess Bubblegum: How does this work?
Finn: Umm, Jake's gonna get the frog to hop toward him [Jake is standing with a stick with a fly tied to it] and when he does, you're gonna run along side the chariot and it's gonna look like you're driving it.
Princess Bubblegum: Okay.
Jake: Hey, Finn.
Finn: Yeah.
Jake: How 'bout when the chariot takes off, she says something like, "Mmm, check, please."
Finn: What? No, that's terrible. [Jake looks annoyed] And action!
[Jake put the fly in front of the frog and it shoots its tongue at the fly and the tongue's recoil causes it to fall back on the chariot, breaking it, and the frog hops away]
Princess Bubblegum: Check, please...?
Finn: Hah, Jake. You... you brought the fly in too close!
Jake: I'm sorry.
Finn: Well, help me catch 'im.
[They chase after the frog]
Jake: Well, I thought it was funny.
Finn: This isn't a comedy!
Jake: Not the way you're shootin' it.
Finn: Look, just help me catch this guy.
Jake: All right, but after this we do my part.
[In a wedding scene]
Jake: [Through a megaphone] Okay, everyone. It's been a long day. A lot of... [Chuckles] A lot of running around, chasing frogs [chuckles again]. But we are makin' a movie, and this is the big wedding scene. Mr. Cupcake, you're playing Todd Johnson.
Mr. Cupcake: Yes.
Jake: And Lady, you confess that you never loved Todd Johnson and that you were just trying to win a bet with your snooty socialite friends.
Lady Rainicorn: 알았어, 제이크. ("Okay, Jake.")
Jake: And then, you both realize you do love each other and you both say "I do." And then Shelby, you say...
Shelby: Check, please.
Jake: Heh, heh, heh. Yeah. Don't forget to look right at the camera and slap your cheeks like this. [Slaps his cheeks] And 1, 2, 3 action!
[Shelby stares angrily at Jake since he doesn't have hands to slap his cheeks]
Shelby: Do you, Todd Johnson, take this Rainicorn to be your lawfully married wife?
[Mr. Cupcake starts to flex his eyebrows; Lady giggles and blushes; Mr. Cupcake begins to flex and pose his muscles; Jake looks uncomfortable]
Jake: Lady! Cut! Cut, cut, cut! [To Mr. Cupcake] I didn't tell you to flex out!
Lady Rainicorn: [Rubs Jake's head] 자기야, 흥분하지 마. ("Don't take it seriously, honey.")
Jake: No, I don't like the way he's flexing at you.
Mr. Cupcake: I don't hear her complaining.
Jake: Why you... GAAH!
[Jake tackles Mr. Cupcake, the camera switches to Shelby as sounds of a fight can be heard]
Shelby: Check, please.
[In the Tree Fort]
Finn: How much longer till you finish editing, BMO?
BMO: About twenty hours.
Finn: Twenty hours?!
BMO: Yeah, you guys shot a lot of footage. About twenty hours.
Finn: Jake, let's talk about our movie.
Jake: Okay.
Finn: I think we shot a lot of great stuff.
Jake: Uh-huh.
Finn: But I'm thinkin' only half of it is usable.
Jake: Me, too.
Finn: Really?
Jake: Yeah, I was just thinking that.
Finn: That's great!
Jake: I know.
Finn: You actually agree it's an action adventure!
Jake: Yep, it—wait! No!
Finn: What?
Jake: Romantic comedy!
Finn: What?!
Jake: What do you mean "what"?!
Finn: Who's right, BMO?
Jake: Yeah, me or Finn?
[BMO clicks a button on himself, his face is replaced by a message: "BACK IN 5 MINUTES"]
Finn: We'll ask him when he wakes up.
Jake: Why wait? [Pulls out a pen and paper and begins writing] "Dear BMO, Please use only the best footage when cutting the movie. Love, Jake."
[Finn takes the pen and paper]
Finn: "And Finn."
Jake: See you at the movie club, then.
Finn: Oh, I'll be there.
Jake: As will I.
Finn: As will I, as well.
[They both leave; BMO's face pops back on the screen]
[At the movie club, the club members and everyone who took part in the movie are present]
LSP: Yes. Oh, yes. Oh, I can't wait. Oh, I can't wait!
Jake: Heh heh. Alright, thanks again everyone for coming to... [Singing] movie night! I hope y'all are in the mood to laugh.
Finn: I hope y'all are ready to be on the edge of your seats for tonight's action adventure film.
Jake: It's, ahh, it's more of a romantic comedy. Right, BMO?
BMO: Eeee...
Finn: Well, I guess we'll see!
Jake: Yeah, I guess we will. Start the movie, BMO.
[The club members clap and look nervous; Finn and Jake go to their seats]
LSP: [Whispering] It's a little awkward.
[BMO sighs and presses a button on itself and its face shoots out rays of light; the crowd is impressed; electricity goes through a cord from BMO to a holograph player; the logo "A BFF Production" appears]
LSP: [Whispering] Oh, my gosh!
[BMO sings "Friends" and plays clips of Finn and Jake and the video ends; the club applauds]
Finn: BMO's right. Fighting over this movie junk is dumb. I'm sorry, man.
Jake: Me too, dude.
[Finn and Jake hug]
LSP: Oh, my gosh, you guys. I can't wait till next week's movie club.
BMO: Check, please.
Jake: That's a good one, BMO!
[Everyone laughs and the episode ends]