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"Video Makers" is the twenty-third episode in the second season of Adventure Time. It's the forty-ninth episode overall.


After discovering government warnings prior to movies for their film club, Finn and Jake decide to make their own, but get into a fight over the direction of their film.


The show starts off with Finn giving drinks to everybody at their movie club, a weekly gathering where Finn and Jake show old movies they found that are from before the Mushroom War. Everyone then gets ready for the movie, with Lumpy Space Princess complaining that Princess Bubblegum took her seat. Once the movie starts, Princess Bubblegum notices the FBI warning for arrest of copyrighting. Finn and Jake then cancel movie night due to the fact that they believe they have been illegally showing copyrighted movies. Jake says not to worry, because the movies were made before the Mushroom War, and therefore the copyright technically has no power, but Finn decides to respect authority and not show them anymore.

After everyone leaves, Finn and Jake find an old video camera and decide to start filming their own movie. The next day they start filming the inhabitants of Ooo, but realize that this is completely random and will never make a real movie, so they must come up with a plot. While Jake wants it to be a romantic comedy, Finn wants an action adventure. This turns out be a problem, because every piece of footage that Jake likes, Finn hates and vice versa. All of the movie club is the cast, and once they are finally done chasing bullfrogs and filming weddings, BMO is left to do the editing. While waiting they again start to argue about whether the movie should be a romance or an action, since about half of the footage is the former and the other half the latter. They ask BMO which clips are best but he changes his screen to "back in 5 minutes" to avoid answering. On movie night, with no idea how the movie will turn out, Finn and Jake present it to movie club in a very disgruntled attitude toward each other. Instead of the footage, however, it turns out that BMO cut the entire movie and has replaced it with his own animation which depicts all of the good times that Finn and Jake shared during the film's production, and he sings a song about how Finn and Jake should get along. Everyone loves the movie and Finn and Jake see how silly they were in fighting and make up. BMO says Jake's favorite recurring line throughout the original filming, "Check, please," and everyone laughs.


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  • All of the main characters appear in this episode except Ice King.
  • While looking for the video recorder, Finn pulls out a holographic projector which projects a spherical PHIL FACE.
  • This is the first episode in the series to mention the Mushroom War by name.
  • When Finn was pouring drinks he poured several different drinks with the same pitcher.
    • The pitcher has an inscription of Futhorc (Anglo-Saxon) runes on it. According to the Runic code it says, "Cup of Many Ale[s]."
  • When Heat Signature 3 begins playing, "Document 413" is displayed briefly followed by "Classified." Despite Finn and Jake reading the standard FBI warning on copyright, what is written is not an FBI warning but rather what appears to be a warning on disclosing classified information. Also, it misspells "strictly" as "stricktly".
  • PB banished Finn from the Candy Kingdom in "Go With Me" for being a "psycho". Strangely, she is okay with going to Finn's house to watch a movie.

Episode connections

  • During the second movie club meeting, Princess Bubblegum is seen wearing the first outfit she wore in "The Real You," and Marceline is seen wearing her outfit from "It Came from the Nightosphere."
  • The name of the film at the beginning of the episode was Heat Signature 3, the third film in a series. The original Heat Signature is a plot device in the episode of the same name.
  • The soundtrack from the part where Jake is luring the frog using a bait with a fly is also been used in the opening titlecard of "Gut Grinder."
  • Shelby's punchline and his apparent priestly profession reappears in the fifth season episode "The Pit".

Cultural references

  • The phrase "Check Please" is a punchline used in many TV shows and movies, usually after something off-beat happens.
  • The way Finn made the tomato juice for Marceline is similar to the style of a Bloody Mary cocktail, because there was a celery stalk in the drink.
  • Finn was using an optical illusion, known as forced perspective, when he was shooting the chariot scene with Princess Bubblegum.
  • The document number for Heat Signature 3 could be a reference to the webcomic Homestuck, where the number 413 appears multiple times.
  • During the wedding scene, Shelby wears a clerical collar, something often worn by Christian priests.

Production notes

  • This episode was previously titled "Dueling Videos."[1]


  • At the beginning of the episode the clock that says "Finn and Jake Timeless" marks a different time in the next frame and the figures it has at the tip of its hands disappear along with the numbers.
  • When the FBI Warning screen is appeared, the word "strictly" has been misspelled as "stricktly."
  • At the beginning of the episode the strawberry backpack leaning on the chair disappears and then appears again.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Finn serves liquid from the same source but as the order is served he says that it is Apple Juice, Iced Latte and Hot Chocolate.



This episode was censored in some countries. See Censorship of Adventure Time for more information.


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