The Veritas Brigade is a supposedly secret society who oppose and criticize Princess Bubblegum's rule over the Candy Kingdom as being fascist.

In "Nemesis," they meet in a room accessible through a bathroom guarded by a Candy Person sitting on a toilet. Starchie heads the meeting and claims they are close to exposing Princess Bubblegum's "shady dealings." Nurse Pound Cake claims she sometimes sees a shadowy figure in Princess Bubblegum's tower at night, and Kenneth introduces his dimension disruptor. Princess Bubblegum watches the meeting through a hidden camera until Peace Master discovers it and destroys it.

In "High Strangeness," the Veritas Brigade appears again. This time Starchie contacts Tree Trunks to "lead a small group of resistance fighters." The room meeting is entered this time by a public toilet, not showing exactly how is connected inside. The meeting is hold again by Starchie, being absent Peace Master.

Though a Banana Guard attends the meetings seen in both episodes, he wears a disguise (a fake nose and mustache in "Nemesis" and a blue pompadour wig in "High Strangeness") and acts nervously when Peace Master tells everyone they are being watched, implying he is a spy and not a legitimate member of the group.



  • Their motto is "Lux in tenebris," Latin for "Light in the darkness," and their pass-phrase is "To Beelzebub with the Brewer's knave," which is taken straight from Australian poet Adam Lindsay Gordon's "The Romance of Britomarte."


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