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Veiny Creature is one of the many obstacles Jake had to go through to reach the Baker's Shard.


He appears to be a giant red creature with a long, serpent-like body. He has large green eyes. His mouth is also full of razor sharp teeth. His body structure can be compared to that of the Worm People.


Breath Under Water[]


When Jake first discovered the creature, he thought that it was a way of avoiding falling into the water. Turns out, the creature had the ability to breath under water for long periods of time, so it only looked like a landing pad.

Fire Breathe[]


Once Jake hopped off of the creature, it opened it's eyes and revealed to have the ability to shoot fire balls out of it's mouth. He started with shooting one but as Jake got farther away, he began firing them in larger numbers.


  • Because this creature has fire abilities, it's possible that he is a former inhabitant of the Fire Kingdom.