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Veggie Village is first seen in "The Jiggler" as the home of Stanley and other fruits and vegetables. It is later the site of a Science Conference attended by Princess Bubblegum in "Death in Bloom."


Veggie Village does not bear any real resemblance to a village. It is found at a sunny clearing amid a thickly forested area. The only domicile is a dull-yellowish cabin with round, shuttered windows and a red roof; outside it are some sparsely planted orchids and a stone path.


Veggie Village houses the Veggie People, who were first introduced in "The Jiggler." It is also the venue of Princess Bubblegum's Science Conference.


The inhabitants of Veggie Village are fruits and vegetables, although Stanley's family also includes sausages and marshmallows. They seem to be completely inanimate objects, although Finn, Jake, and Princess Bubblegum talk to them as if they were alive. At the Science Conference, many of the fruits and vegetables had scientific devices attached to them for an unknown reason.


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