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This article is about the location. You may be looking for the episode.

The Vault of Bones is a dungeon found in a forest near the Tree Fort. As the name suggests, it is filled with bones and is inhabited by sentient skeletons (one of which had a big head and lost his arm in a pool of water), a hologram that looks like a larger skeleton with a giant sword and shield, legions of Goo Skulls, as well as an unnamed ostrich-like skeleton that resides in a locked box. Also in the dungeon are various keys, two of which are golden, and one that is red in color. One key unlocks a small treasure chest containing a stone heart, or possibly a stone butt with eyes, hidden in the dungeon.

The "Vault" itself is more akin to some sort of Crypt, due to the staggering multitudes of bones which lie scattered throughout the dungeon. However, Finn, in regard to these bones, simply states that the dungeon was "trying too hard".


Name Image Description


VoB Skeleton
He is a relatively harmless skeleton who seemingly detached his arm to use as a fishing rod. Finn made him do the splits.


Snapdragon is one of the many skeletons that could be found in the Vault of Bones. He was gotten inside of what seemed to be a chest, but it turned out to be a coffin. One it was opened by Flame Princess, he began screaming "Take my place! Take my place!," but was then shoved back into the coffin and burnt to ashes.

Goo Skulls

They are skeletons with the ability to shoot goo that is stored in their chests. One of them is gigantic, and has chainsaws tied around his arms.

Butt Chest

This is the treasure that Finn and Flame Princess obtained after finishing their adventure in the Vault of Bones.