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"Vault of Bones" is the twelfth episode in the fifth season of Adventure Time. It's the one hundred and sixteenth episode overall.


Finn takes Flame Princess on a dungeon crawl in order to alleviate her fears that she's evil, but finds that he may have doubts about her being completely good.


The episode starts inside the Tree Fort. Jake is preparing tea and playing with the water while he fills the pot. Finn and Flame Princess are playing cards on the sofa. Flame Princess sighs and Finn asks, "What's wrong?" Flame Princess replies that it is nothing. Finn then gets close to Flame Princess and breathes heavily in her face, and they both laugh. Jake then asks if anyone wants some tea. He turns on the stove and waits. The flames under the tea kettle grow big and it startles Jake. The flames then turn into the Flame King's head and go toward Flame Princess, whispering "evil" over and over again. Flame Princess and Jake are surprised to see Flame King but Finn simply waves his hand. Flame King apologizes, saying that he thought his daughter was alone and leaves, complimenting on Jake's teapot. Jake turns off the stove, while Finn asks Flame Princess, "What was that?," and Jake replies that he was saying evil again and again.

Flame Princess explains that her dad is annoying and is always whispering that she is evil when she is not paying attention. Finn then jumps on the table and tells her that she is not evil and her dad is only making her feel bad so she will think she is evil. Flame Princess doubts that and Finn suggests going to a dungeon to take her mind off of things. Jake comes to the sofa and offers them tea. Finn and Flame Princess laughingly leave Jake alone drinking tea.

Finn and Flame Princess walk into the forest looking for a dungeon entrance. Flame Princess then uses her "Heat Sense" and guides Finn to a secret switch that opens a door. As they enter, Finn finds a gauntlet, as well as a torch which he asks Flame Princess to light for him. Flame Princess suggests they do not need a torch because she is made of fire. Finn states that it is cool to use torches in dungeons.

Shortly after entering the dungeon, the two of them encounter a skeleton who asks them what they are doing there. Flame Princess simply replies, "Burning you alive," and raises her arms to burn the skeleton, only to be stopped by Finn with his own ways of manipulating the skeleton, specifically having it do the splits and then shouting at it for his own advantage. The skeleton points them to a treasure chest that is in the corner. They investigate, and find that the chest is locked and needs a key.

The two of them then go off and search more and find a large skeleton guard. Finn has Flame Princess shoot down a bone chandelier and they come charging at it, but Finn seems to fly straight through it. It soon is revealed to be a mere hologram, unscathed by their attempts to attack it. Finn realizes that if the skeleton is a hologram, then there is something hidden in their area. While Finn searches around, Flame Princess sits down and wait until Finn is done searching. Flame Princess falls asleep, but Finn wakes her up and tells her he found a key and they get to go back to the beginning of the dungeon to open the treasure chest.

After discovering the key does not work on the chest, they go back where they were in the dungeon. Flame Princess thinks to herself that this is getting boring. When they get back to their spot, Finn spots a hole in a wall and sees a large vault with a keyhole on it. He gives Flame Princess the key and tells her to go first in the hole and open the vault. When she opens it, a winged skeleton comes out and asks her to take its place. She burns the skeleton back into the vault and then proceeds to burn the entire vault to ashes. Finn was disappointed in her for destroying the skeleton and the vault without looting first, but Flame Princess defended herself by telling him that the skeleton wanted her to take its place. Finn searches through the ashes to see if there was everything worth looting and finds a key which he says that they can go back to the beginning again.

Before they can go back, Flame Princess tells Finn she is not having fun anymore because she does not like Finn's way of approaching the dungeon. She thinks that he is having her do it his way because he think she is evil. Not wanting her to be displeased, Finn allows Flame Princess to do everything her way, which mainly involved burning everything down. She burns everything in the following part of the dungeon which attracts the attention of Goo Skulls. She gets too distracted by the thrill of burning destruction to notice Finn getting taken by a large monster-like skeletal beast. It starts to cover Finn in goo as he is extremely worried that when Flame Princess attempts to save him, she will burn him alive. When she is about to attack the large skeleton, she instead uses one of Finn's previous tactics: she makes it do the splits and forces it to let go of Finn, like he did with Boney previously. He tells her that he was worried about her burning him alive, and Flame Princess gives Finn a very pleasing response. She says she would never do that to her boyfriend, this being the first time she ever calls Finn her boyfriend.

After finding the way out of the dungeon, they leave with several keys and atop a hill, Finn and Flame Princess try using all of the individual keys on the chest to see which one will open it. Flame Princess thanks Finn for taking her to the dungeon and how she forgot how fun it is to destroy evil things. Finn suggests next time they should go to a farmers market, which Flame Princess suggest they should burn it. After they manage to open the chest, they find a peculiar, green, butt-like face that winks at Flame Princess. Thus ends the episode.


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  • This is the first time that Flame Princess's hair is not up, and it appears to be shorter than usually seen. However, when she says, "Snake Fire!" her hair is up according to the Hard to tell which is the favorite article on Pendleton Ward's cartoon tumblr.
  • This is the first time Flame Princess refers to Finn as her boyfriend.
  • This is the first time Flame Princess uses Finn's Sword.
  • In the episode, Finn refers to Flame Princess as "FP" for the first time. Likewise, she refers to him as "FTH," an abbreviation for "Finn the Human."
  • The deck of cards that Flame Princess and Finn were playing which had faces on the back of them is the same deck used in "All the Little People" by Flame Princess and Lumpy Space Princess.
  • Flame Princess shows new abilities in this episode.
    • She displays "Heat Sense," which she uses to detect things like the dungeon trigger.
    • She can also create blue flames similarly to an oxy-fuel torch.
  • This is the first episode not to be directed by Larry Leichliter.
  • Finn was moving his eyebrows in the same way Ice King and Marceline did in "Bad Little Boy."

Episode connections

  • When Finn decides to let Flame Princess have her way and throws his torch into the water, Flame Princess does not even flinch. While in "Hot to the Touch" Flame Princess felt pain whenever her fire was extinguished, she did not feel pain when Finn put out the fire to his leg in "Burning Low."
  • The question of whether Flame Princess is evil or not returns again; the topic was first brought up in "Incendium" and brought up for a second time in "Ignition Point."
    • Likewise, Flame King continues to harass her about her alignment as he did in the end of Ignition Point.

Cultural references

  • Flame Princess and Finn's actions in the dungeon seem to reflect "Dungeons and Dragons." When Finn decides to let Flame Princess do things her way, he then acts much like a dungeon master, say things like "There's a door over there, what do you wanna do?" and "'s a legion of Goo Skulls! How do you defend?." When he asks "How do you defend?," Flame Princess replies "Snake Fire!" to which Finn states, "Fire burn goo." This "problem, solution, result" format of dialogue is much like Dungeons and Dragons gameplay.
  • The inside of the dungeon and traps are similar to the ones in the Mayan Temple in Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • When Finn asked Flame Princess how good she is at throwing flames, she responded 42. This may be a reference to 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' as 42 is the "Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything."


  • When Flame Princess first tries to use the key at the end of the episode, there were four keys left on the ground, but when she throws the key she was holding away, it became three.
  • When Flame Princess was saying "OK, yeah, let's do it! Dungeons!" her left eye looked smaller than her right eye.
  • When Flame Princess and Finn encounter Boney, Finn places the torch inside a skull's eye socket that was on the wall, but it disappears, and later Finn is seen holding it again after he could not open the chest.
  • While Finn and Flame Princess are playing cards, the Flame King approaches Flame Princess whispering "Evil, evil, evil..." making Flame Princess put her cards down on the table with the numbers and suits facing up. However, when it changes to the zoomed-out scene, the cards are facing down. Then when Flame King retreats back to the teapot, the card's suits are facing up again.



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