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Varmints are a species of creature that lurk in the Rock Candy Mines. They were first seen in the episode "Varmints," where most of them were killed off by Marceline and Princess Bubblegum.


Varmints have large sets of teeth and have a greenish skin tone. They have an outer sort of shell and four legs. The Mother Varmint is much bigger and has multiple extra legs.

Types of Varmints[]

S7e2 varmints

Regular Varmints[]

Regular Varmints are small and usually stick to groups. Their diet includes pumpkins (which is all that is known to date). Most of their kind was killed by Bonnibel and Marceline.

S7e2 mother varmint

Mother Varmint[]

The queen Varmint (the Mother Varmint) is superior to all of the other Varmints, spewing eggs from her tail that hatch smaller Varmints, having the ability to re-grow arms, and having great strength. The Mother Varmint remains undefeated by Marceline and Bonnie and remains in the Rock Candy Mines.