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"Varmints" is the second episode in the seventh season of Adventure Time. It's the two hundred and first episode overall.[2]


Princess Bubblegum turns to Marceline for help when something threatens the citizens of her homestead.[3]


The episode starts with Marceline showing up at the Candy Kingdom late at night, unaware Princess Bubblegum has been dethroned. She tries to engage in conversation with the sleeping King of Ooo, who apparently dresses up as Bubblegum when he sleeps. Marceline asks "Bubblegum" (or "Peebs" as she called it in this episode) if she wants to make a midnight run to Squeez-E-Mart so she can suck the red out of the customers' bloodshot eyes; she immediately recants this, saying she will probably get a slushie. When "Bubblegum" doesn't reply, Marceline tries to wake her and the sleeper is revealed to be the King of Ooo. He tells Marceline that Bubblegum has been exiled from the Candy Kingdom and has moved to an old cabin off the shores of Lake Butterscotch. He adds that the cabin is still under the rule of the Candy Kingdom, but he lets her live there out of mercy. Enraged about this news, Marceline asks how long he has been the new ruler of the Candy Kingdom. He replies that it's been two months since Bonnibel's self-proclaimed exile. Confused by not knowing about this earlier, Marceline turns to seek out Bonnie. As she leaves, the King of Ooo tells Marceline that she should tell Bubblegum that he wears her nightgown, that she should tell everyone he wears Princess Bubblegum's nightgown. 

When at the cabin, Marceline asks Bonnie why she wasn't told about the exile. Bonnie says she wanted to start fresh, and she is making a new kingdom out of vegetables, if her pumpkins would grow. She then tells Marcy that she and Peppermint Butler have been watching for the "varmints" eating her pumpkins. Soon after mentioning she is staying up to watch for them, the varmints show up. Bonnie and Marcy chase them down a varmint hole, which leads to the Rock Candy Mines. Marcy then states that she and Bonnie often hung out down in the mines, before Bonnie got too busy being the Princess of the Candy Kingdom.

While wandering the mines they run into the mother varmint and engage in combat to kill it, but run out of weapons and energy. They hide in a hole on the side of the mine, where they find a graffiti tag Marceline made Bubblegum write. Bubblegum gets upset and says she has basically lost control of everything, and can't even keep her pumpkins free of varmints. A falling rock interrupts the emotional moment, and they realize they must escape before the varmints destroy the mines and them. Marceline says she'll be the one to save the day, and uses her shapeshifting powers to help dig them out of the mines. Once they escape, their hole is blocked by falling rocks trapping the varmints inside.

Back at Bonnie's cabin, she says they must watch for more varmints. But Bonnie is so tired. Marcy states she will watch for varmints while Bonnie naps as she rests her head on Marcy's shoulder. Bonnie asks Marcy if she could wake her up in 15 minutes, in which Marcy answers with "I promise," as she looks front. The episode ends with Bonnie resting her head on Marceline's shoulder and Peppermint Butler's voice off screen asking if he can come back. 


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  • This is the sixth episode (not counting the gender-swap episodes) in which both Finn and Jake do not appear and are not mentioned. The first being "Princess Day," second being "Evergreen," third being "Friends Forever," fourth being "Be Sweet," and fifth being "Orgalorg."
  • The reason Bonnie and Marceline's relationship was strained was because Bonnie distanced herself by dedicating herself to her work over everything else.

Episode connections[]

  • As Marceline flies towards the Candy Kingdom, she is humming the opening lines of "I'm Just Your Problem" from the episode "What Was Missing."
  • When smashed against the tunnel ceiling by Marceline, the Varmint Queen's teeth shatter just like Finn's did when he fought the Worm Queen in "Dentist."

Cultural references[]

  • The strawberry lip balm Bubblegum pulls from her pocket is perhaps a nod to Bonnie Bell Lipsmackers flavored lip gloss. Strawberry has been their #1 flavor since its introduction in the late 1960s.

Storyline analysis[]

  • This episode was set two months after the events of "The Comet."

Production notes[]

  • This is the second episode that aired during the third "AdventureBomb."
  • This episode had been leaked online before its intended air date.
  • Princess Bubblegum's name is written as "Princess Bubblegun" in the end credits sequence.



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