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The Vapor Swamp monsters are a group of three large, strange-looking creatures that live in the Vapor Swamps. They obey The Beast, being smaller and weaker than him, and protect the soul stone. They appear in "The Suitor," attacking Braco with the intention of protecting the soul stone moments after he picked it up. However, they immediately let him go when The Beast orders them to.


At first, the monsters appear to be tall and each have a body made out of a different shade of wood. However, upon closer inspection, two of them appear to be controlled by smaller beings, hiding on or inside their chests.

The chestnut-colored Monster's body is a hollow log, inside which a small, long-nosed light blue creature sits and holds onto twigs like controllers. The monster has long, wooden arms and legs, and wears a vest of some sort over its shoulders which is a lighter chestnut color. He has a short tail and birdlike feet, but his hands look more normal.

The dark brown monster has a flat face composed of planks of wood, round, white eyes with black pupils, and a mouth that does not continue smoothly from one plank to the other. He appears to have no feet, but his long legs bend forward, similar to a hooved animal's joints, but backward. There is a small creature dressed in blue strapped to his chest who seems to be controlling him.

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