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This character is from another universe. They are living or lived in a different timeline somewhere in the multiverse.

The Vampire King is an alternate version of the Vampire King from a timeline where he and his adoptive daughter Marceline had conquered Ooo. Unlike his main counterpart, he is the current owner of the Ice Crown.


In his dimension, this version of Vampire King had discovered an orphan Marceline (who had never had met Simon Petrikov, due to the fact he was killed by vampires). He raised and trained her into becoming his loyal ward, ultimately turning Marceline into a vampire some time after. At some point, he came into possession of the Ice Crown. He rarely uses its power, only using it to block out the sun to allow his kind to roam forever and mainly wore it as an accessory to flaunt his status. He does not show any signs of the mental and physical changes associated with the Ice Crown. It is not clear why but it could mean there is a host of the crown elsewhere in Vampireworld or it could mean his vampirsm takes precedence over the Ice Crown's curse.


He is more ruthless than the main version of the Vampire King, who later gave up his powers to live a simple life as a gentle lion.

This version of Vampire King is completely chaotic showing no remorse to others, as shown by his casual slaying of Huntress and his gloating to Fionna and her friends. He is shown unaffected by the crown, as he is clearheaded and admits to having no use for its ice powers, since he only dons it as an accessory and only uses it as a method to block the sun and go outside.

In contrast to his evil nature, he appears to have compassionate side to his daughter. When it looked like she was in danger, he became concerned for her safety and well being. As shown when she was about to be defeated and staked by Bonnibel, the King called out to her by calling her his “baby girl” and immediately ordered his vampire minions to save her.

Powers & Abilities[]

Vampiric Abilities[]

The Vampire King is widely acknowledged as being the most powerful vampire in the court, and he lived up to this reputation during his reign on Ooo. As a natural vampire, he has a set of unique abilities:

  • Telekinesis - He demonstrates the ability to use this ability to lift arrows and launch them at his targets. He can even use his finger along with his telekinetic ability to flip someone off of the edge of his castle.
    • Levitation - He can levitate out of his castle with ease.
  • Vampirism - The Vampire King can transform humans and animals into vampires.
  • He is capable of wearing and using the crown while keeping his sanity.

Crown Abilities[]

  • Nephlokinesis - With the crown, he can control the clouds in mass locations, like the whole planet, to blot out the sun.



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