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You can't forgive someone for everything they do just because they are crazy and no matter how sad of a letter they write. I understand he has his good moments, but that's just the thing: They are only moments. Ice King still breaks the law regularly. Ice King obviously has some kind of reasonable mind set. He knows what he does is wrong yet he keeps doing it and we can't have that so he gets punished just like anyone else would if they regularly abducted women. Ice King has a free will and a slightly crazy mind set, but he still has reasoning, even if he didn't the crimes wouldn't be pardoned and he would be locked up in an asylum no doubt. I believe the only reason he hasn't been locked up is because he has reasoning and everyone knows it.

Now I don't believe he will ever be able to escape because as time moves on, the crown gets a better grip on him. It's been one thousand years and he could hardly keep control for I'm assuming is 10 to 20 years so how do we expect him to get out? Until new evidence is given I will stick to this idea because I believe it is the most reasonable one.

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