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  • TheMostBoringManInTheWorld

    What do you think of the new episode? Did you like it? I loved it!

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  • TheMostBoringManInTheWorld

    After re-watching some of the episodes in Adventure Time, I started analysing the cosmic entities shown in the show.

    One of the most troubling was Death. This being was shown to be the personification of death in several episodes, like "Death in Bloom" and "Sons of Mars". He rules over the Land of the Dead. However, he was shown also in the 13th Dead World. In "Ghost Princess", there's a 50th Dead World. The writers stated that there are fifty "Dead Worlds", and the reasons why will be stated in a future episode. But, does Death rule with all of them? What are the connections between the fifty dead worlds and the Land of the Dead?

    By now, it's all speculation. One may state that the dead worlds are mere areas of the Land of the Dead, but with…

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  • TheMostBoringManInTheWorld

    What do you think of the newest episode "Simon and Marcy"? Did you like it?

    "Simon and Marcy" is definetely one of my favourite episodes!

    A few topics to discuss about:

    • Who is Gunter? Is it someone connected to previous owner of the crown? Or maybe it's creator? Or what if Gunter is the child of the creator/previous owner of the crown?
    • What's with the bubblegum all over town? Is it the mutated Princess Bubblegum? Or maybe an ancestor of hers?
    • How did the people mutate so quickly? Did the clams (who are well known to sometimes be poisonious) have something to do with it?


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  • TheMostBoringManInTheWorld

    OK, so there wasn't much discussion connected to Adventure Time' this days, so I'm making this blog to help revive this wiki.

    So, as you can see, will be discussing our least favourite character here. Before we begin, here are some rules:

    1. State a reason why the certain character you picked is your least favourite;
    2. Don't judge a character because of the ship you ship or a relationship present in the series:
    3. Don't do anything that's forbidden by the rules (this one is obvious, though).

    Before we start, I would like to state my least favourite character and reasons why I dislike the character.

    My least favourite character is Princess Bubblegum at the age of thirteen (which I shall refer to as 13PB). Here's why:

    When the series began, I always wondered…

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