Why are all of the PB hate blogs so popular?

Sure she messed up Lemongrab, but how was she supposed to know it would happen?

Sure she sent Lemongrab off to the Earldom of Lemongrab, but at least he got a royal title, and let's face it, what would you have done?

Sure she litterally beat up Lemongrab, but she had the mind of a 13-year old at the time, and wasn't it Finn's idea?

Sure she called Lemongrab a failed experement while he could hear her, but (insert whatever reason she could have had for that, can't currently think of one)

Sure she killed a squid to make a tomato, but how is that different from us killing cows to make beef?

Sure Goliad got messed up, but wasn't that really Finn and Jake's fault for bad teaching?

Sure she created Stormo just to keep Goliad in check, but what choice did she have?

Sure she hated the Duke of Nuts for eating all her pudding, but how was she supposed to know about his deficiancy?

Sure she was willing to torture the Ice King, but he kind of deserved it, and wasn't it the only way to save her people?

Sure she rejects Finn, but wouldn't you do the same if you were an adult and a 14-year-old was in love with you?

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