I dont know what you think, but im sick of Marshall and Fionna (Fiolee)!Marshall is like 18-20 and Fionna is like 13.Does that seem mest up to you?It does to me!Im just tired of it!I know what you might be thinking,"she's crazy,she dont know how much they should be together,and she should be ashamed."UM NO!I SHOULD BE RIGHT BECAUSE ITS LIKE A 13 YEAR OLD AND A 18 YEAR OLD DATING AND OMG!THATS NOT RIGHT THATS AGAINST THE LAWS OF NATURE!Im more up on the "Marshall being single and just trying to make the girls fall in love with him" or "Marshall and Marceline"Im cool with that.But im just tired of it.like it has to stop.like now.like for real :(

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