aka Rainbow Dash or Mar-Mar

  • I live in Cloudsdale, Equestria
  • I was born on January 29
  • My occupation is Nothing and I hope it will stay like dat
  • I am female
  • Rainbowdash29

    Hai guys this is a blog post about drawing and such, and I decided to start my own since they were so popular on the wiki. This is one of the pictures I created:

    I want to tell you that I will only be posting newer drawings in the comments. If you'd like to request, which you can do right now. It might take a while, but please request.

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  • Rainbowdash29

    Hai der dis is RD creating a fanfic of my own, called Agents of Ooo: The Missing Sapphire.

    It was a beautiful day, and Finn and Jake lay down in their beds. Just until, a loud scream wakes them up. "JAKE! Did you hear that?" Finn shouts, looking shocked. "Yeah I did, it woke me up. Lets go check out the situation. I think it came from

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  • Rainbowdash29

    Ohai der, RD here, with some junk about my vacation.

    Guys, I'll be missin' ya guys, but of course, I would try my best to stay connected with you guys at all times.

    I'm gonna have a lot of fun, but the worst part is that you guys wouldn't be with me.

    Gonna go to beaches and Universal Studios. If you're there, too, I would like to meet you face to face.

    I will be traveling to LA tomorrow at dawn, so I will spend most of the night here on Adventure Time Wiki.

    Goodbye u guys, and have a wonderful summer!!


    Finn x Flame Princess

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  • Rainbowdash29

    Hai there, Rainbowdash29 here. I should have created a blog post for the page I made last time, about me. So, I decided to move it here. This blog post will be like a character page based on users here on Adventure Time Wiki.

    Me: Extra Info: I have anger managements!!! (So don't get me angry or else I will never come back to this wiki...)

    SaberSworn: Extra Info: Saber never sleeeeepsss!!!!!!

    Beemo: Sorry, I was having trouble finding Beemo's real avatar. Extra Info: Beemo is a really great artist, like this awesome dude!!!!

    Nihi The Brony: I also had trouble finding Nihi's real avatar, because of her awesome Pinkie Pie floaters. Extra Info: Nihi is an extreme Pinkie Pie fan and brony!!!

    Flame Prince Finn: Again, had trouble finding FPF's real…

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  • Rainbowdash29

    Ohai der, RD here with another fanfic. This is A Wanted Woman, similar to LittleGhostPranker's "If Princess Bubblegum Died:A Fanfiction" blog. Well, Ice King's fanfic is true on this blog post,

    Fionna runs to Marshall Lee's baby blue house, which locates in a cave, just like Marceline's light pink house. Fionna starts yelling. "MARSHALL LEEEEE!!!! I'VE GOT NEWS!!!" Fionna hollers out. Cake streches her body to open the door, then gasps. Fionna asks what happened. "Cake, what wrong? Marshall Lee's not there?" Fionna asks. Cake replies, "Oh he's gone. Literally. He IS gone."

    Fionna runs in the house, and gasps. Fionna sees Marshall Lee laying on the floor of the middle of the room, in a bed of blood. "MARSHALL LEE! Oh no, this is bad, this is …

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